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Car Battery Recycling in Canada

Car Battery Recyling

Whether it died slowly or suddenly, when it comes to the end of your battery’s life, you might come to wonder, ‘Where can I recycle my car battery?’ Fortunately, there are hundreds of car battery recycling sites across Canada.

Who recycles car batteries in Canada?

In Canada, battery recycling is broken up into two groups:

  1. Small chargeable lithium and nickel cadmium and non-rechargeable alkaline batteries, which are recycled by Call2Recyle.
  2. Lead acid car batteries, which are collected and recycled by members of the Canadian Battery Association (CBA).

There are CBA depots across Canada where you can drop off your car battery. Many of these car battery recycling sites are auto service centres such as Kal Tire locations as well as recycling depots, landfills and transfer stations designated to receive hazardous materials.

So, when you’re sure your battery is dead and you are removing it yourself, all you need to do is find your closest recycler.

Where can you find a car battery recycling depot near you?

The website has a handy location finder that allows you to type in your postal code or city to bring up a map of all the car battery recycling depots near you, all across Canada. There are 730 collection sites from coast to coast.

Does it cost money to drop off your car battery for recycling?

Tire stores such as Kal Tire accept lead acid car batteries free of charge. At Kal Tire, if you’re dropping off your old battery and buying a new one at one of our stores, we’ll waive the $10 recycling fee that would be added to the total cost of your new car battery.

Some private scrap metal or battery recycling companies will pay you for exhausted car batteries.

Just be sure to handle your battery with care on the way. Some people like to wear gloves and double-bag their car batteries for easy transport to a recycling depot