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Summer or All-season Tires? Consider the All-weather Tire

When Kal Tire team members list for customers the number of reasons why they should consider all-weather tires, they often run out of fingers.

The Nokian WR G2 and G3 all-weather tires offer drivers everything they need: savings, safety and convenience. If you need new tires this spring, instead of summer tires or all-season tires, consider the all-weather tire—a superior summer tire, performance tire and winter tire all rolled into one.

Why choose all-weather over all-season tires in the spring or summer?

Safety through the seasons

Unlike all-season tires, all-weather tires offer superior year-round performance at any temperature.

This spring, you’ll see precise braking on warm, bare asphalt or on cold, rainy days. Thanks to a special rubber compound that stays soft and flexible both above and below 7 C, all-weather tires will continue offering optimum stability and grip as temperatures drop in the fall.

When winter strikes, you know you’re in good hands because the Nokian all-weather tire is a designated winter tire that bears the mountain snowflake symbol. Think of it as the summer or winter tire you can drive all year long.

Superior slush and rain handling

The all-weather tire’s aggressive tread design and siping (hairline slits) help you stop almost instantly on wet roads.

Once snow falls in the winter, your tires will continue to prevent hydroplaning and slush-planing with polished grooves and slush edges that push away water and slush. Slush is the second-most dangerous driving condition, but these tires can handle it.

Forget changeover fees and storing your winter tires

When you have all-weather tires on your vehicle, there’s no tire changeover twice a year. That means you don’t have to make time for the appointment or pay the fees to have your summer and winter tires installed.

Plus, with one set of superior year-round tires, you don’t have to worry about storing a second set of tires

Fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness

As gas prices climb, you’ll be glad you’ve got low rolling resistance tires. Since it takes less energy for these all-weather tires to roll, you’ll save on fuel and emit less CO2.

The WR G3 and G2 are also made with tear-resistant, earth-friendly materials such as natural rubber and canola oil.

When you’re shopping for all-weather tires, consult the tire experts at Kal Tire. Visit a location near you or you can chat with one of our knowledgeable team members online.

Photo Credit: Iakov Kalinin/iStock/Thinkstock