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3 Season Tires


Now more appropriately named for Canada

All-weather Tires

In Canada, we need tires that match our northern climate and perform well in all conditions. Unfortunately, 3-season tires just don’t cut it. So if you want the safety of a winter tire without the hassle of storing and installing a second set of tires, look to an All-weather tire. They deliver safe, reliable year-round performance in a long-lasting and sturdy design. Learn more about our wide selection of All-weather tires.


What are the differences between tires?

Wondering about the differences between All-weather, All-season and winter tires? We agree it can get a bit confusing. Read about the differences in our Resource Centre or in our tire type comparison chart.

All-weather tires are a great option for city drivers

In Canadian cities, roads are often slippery, cold and wet or slushy - very hazardous driving conditions. The good news is All-weather tires perform very well in these city conditions.

In the News

It’s always important to do your research and hear what other people have to say. Read what autos.ca in Winnipeg says about all-weather tires. Click here for a more complete list of All-weather tires in the news.

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