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Difference Between Synthetic & Regular Oil

Synthetic Oil

Is synthetic oil really necessary, or is it just an upgrade? These are common questions we hear from drivers who come in for an oil service and wonder if there’s really a difference between synthetic oil and conventional oil.

Even though synthetic oil has been recommended by many vehicle manufacturers for more than a decade, a lot of drivers don’t know much about it. Well, it’s definitely not simply an upsell, and here’s why.

1. Synthetic oil doesn’t last longer than conventional oil

One of the common misconceptions about these two types of engine oils is that one—synthetic—must last longer than the other. In fact, both synthetic oil and regular engine oil last the same interval, but there are several other important differences between synthetic oil and conventional oil.

2. Synthetic oil is engineered to do a better job

There’s a reason why synthetic oil costs a little more than the stuff your dad used when he was a teenager. Where traditional engine oil comes from raw and natural crude, synthetic oil is built in a lab. It’s been engineered by scientists so that every molecule is cleaning and lubricating to the highest quality to improve the life and performance of your engine.

3. Most modern vehicles require synthetic oil

In the last 10 years, vehicle manufacturers have redesigned engines to meet fuel efficiency and emissions standards. To do that, today’s engines have to work harder and burn much hotter, and conventional oil just doesn’t/can’t handle that heat tolerance. But synthetic oil can. Most vehicles built after 2012, and many built after 2000, require (read must have) synthetic oil.

4. You can always upgrade oil, but you can never downgrade

If your vehicle manufacturer says your car requires synthetic oil, it needs synthetic oil to perform as it was designed. Without it, you could be risking engine failure. To learn more, check out our post Why Do You Need Healthy Oil?

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