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4 Vehicle Maintenance Items Not to Overlook in Spring

Spring is the ideal time to inspect your vehicle for any damage or deterioration caused by winter weather and driving conditions. Most of us check or switch over our tires, some of us will check the oil, but a number of vehicle maintenance items that play a big part in how our vehicles perform are often overlooked by drivers.

Sometimes, you might not realize certain parts of a vehicle need to be checked. Other times, you might not realize they exist. To assist you in this, here are some commonly overlooked vehicle components that could use your attention.

1. Cabin Filter


Your vehicle’s cabin filter cleans outside air as it enters your car through your air-conditioning and heat vents. It filters out particles such as:

  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Allergens
  • Air pollutants

While this doesn’t directly affect the driving performance of your vehicle, it can certainly affect your enjoyment of riding in it.

Like any filter, as your cabin filter becomes plugged with debris, it loses its effectiveness. A clogged cabin air filter can lead to under-performance of your heating and cooling system, as well as a weakened airflow from the cabin vents.

Hint: If you frequently drive on dirt roads, you will likely need to perform this type of vehicle maintenance more often.

2. Undercarriage


Drivers tend to overlook their vehicle’s undercarriage for a number of reasons:

  • It’s difficult to inspect without a hoist
  • Out of sight, out of mind
  • Lack of understanding of the various components

However, due to its proximity to the road surface, your undercarriage is in the direct line of fire of road salt and other debris that gets kicked up by your tires. This constant abrasion can result in:

  • Wearing of seals of suspension components
  • Washing away of lubrication on suspension points
  • Corrosion
  • Separation or malfunction of components

Inspecting your undercarriage and performing vehicle maintenance when required will prolong its lifespan and ensure it handles properly and safely.

3. Wiper Blades

windshieldwiper-dirty window

Your wiper blades are right in front of you while you drive, but many people overlook the need to replace them even though they form an essential part of a vehicle’s safety system.

Wiper blades aren’t designed to provide years of use. In fact, depending on your local driving conditions, it’s a good idea to inspect them every six months and replace them at least once a year.

When your blades no longer make solid contact with your windshield it’s definitely time to replace them. At this point, they will start to:

  • Squeak
  • Chatter
  • Skip
  • Streak

4. Battery


If there’s one vehicle component that doesn’t fare well in cold winter temperatures, it’s your battery. If your car sits unused for long periods of time in winter, you might not even be able to start it.

For more on this, read our post: How Temperature Affects Your Car Battery Performance.

Having your battery tested in spring will determine its:

  • Present level of charge
  • Voltage output
  • Capacity for accumulating charge

A battery test can also reveal any potential flaws that could affect battery performance and safety.

Spring is a good time to conduct vehicle maintenance and inspect it for any lasting damage from winter driving. For a little peace of mind, visit your local Kal Tire store for a free inspection.


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