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All-weather Tires

Canada’s home for All-weather tires


All-weather tires are an excellent choice for many Canadian drivers. They’re long-lasting and designed for year-round use. They deliver the safety of a designated winter tire with the stability and handling of a summer tire. And maybe most importantly, as a year-round tire, they eliminate the hassle of storing and maintaining a second set of tires.

The BEST selection of All-weather tires, available exclusively at Kal Tire.

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Why All-weather Tires?

All-weather tires are gaining traction in North American cities, where urban drivers are discovering they need the safety of a winter tire without the hassle of storing and installing a second set of tires.

One Tire for All Canadian Weather Conditions

  • Safe, reliable year-round performance
  • Maintains grip and control in winter conditions and stability and handling at high speeds on dry summer roads
  • Dubbed the winter tire you can use all year long by Consumer Reports

Severe Service Designation

  • Carries the severe service designation for use in severe winter conditions including ice, slush or snow.
  • Open tread pattern pushes away ice and snow to maintain contact with the road

A Great Choice for City Drivers

  • The safety of a winter tire without the hassle of storing and installing a second set of tires each winter and spring
  • Slush edges and polished grooves push away snow and water for grip in slushy conditions (the second-most dangerous driving condition and common in cities)

Long-Lasting Grip and Performance

  • Rubber compound stays soft below 7º C to maintain grip but doesn’t wear prematurely in warm summer temperatures
  • High resistance to tearing and regular wear making it a long-lasting tire. In many sizes carries a tread life warranty of up to 100,000 km (check kaltire.com/shop for details)
  • Sturdy and responsive tread design