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Can I use my All Season Tires in Winter?

As winter draws closer, and road conditions begin to worsen, many Canadians believe their all season tires can handle the ice, slush and snow. However, despite their name, all season tires are not designed for areas that receive continual snow and low temperatures. All season tires provide safe driving for all types of weather; however winter tires are designed for severe winter conditions and provide better traction. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why.

Temperature & Tire Performance

Temperature is a key factor in influencing the performance of all season tires. All season tires are primarily made of a hard rubber compound to promote long tread life. When outside temperatures drop, all season tires can harden and start to lose their traction. This reduction in traction can greatly increase your chance of a spin out or make you lose control of your vehicle.

Unlike all season tires, winter tires are designed to perform in cold temperatures. They are made of a softer rubber compound that remains flexible in the cold. This allows them to maintain a good grip on icy and snowy roads, making it much safer for you to drive.

Tread Patterns Matter

All season tires have a closed tread pattern ideal for pushing away water and gripping roads through spring, summer and fall. When encountering winter conditions, closed tread patterns can quickly clump with ice and snow preventing the tire from properly gripping the road.

Winter tires have open tread patterns that effectively push away ice and snow. The treads on winter tires also contain sipes, which are grooves cut into the tread to create hundreds of small biting edges. These edges grip the road and help push away slush and snow. Treads and sipes on winter tires increase vehicle traction by up to 50 percent which means you’ll be able to steer in control and stop faster on ice, slush, and snow.

Getting Winter Tires

Since most Canadians experience winter conditions on a regular basis, it is highly recommended they swap their all season tires for a set of winter tires before the snow starts to fly.

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