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Canada Day Rules


NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. see below for full contest details. participation in this contest constitutes your full and unconditional acceptance of, and agreement to be legally bound by, these contest rules (the “contest rules”).


1.1.            This Kal Tire’s “Volunteers Make Our Communities Go ‘Round” contest (the "Contest") is sponsored and administered by Kal Tire (the "Sponsor").

1.2.            This Contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered or associated with Facebook. All contest participants acknowledge and agree by participating in this event that they are providing their information to the Sponsor and not to Facebook. Facebook is completely released of all liability by each individual participating in the Contest.

1.3.            Use of Facebook to access the Contest webpage, or interact with the Sponsor via Facebook is governed by, and subject to, the Facebook terms of use, as posted on the Facebook site and updated from time to time.

  1. Eligibility

 2.1.            To participate in this Contest an individual must:

2.1.1.      be a Canadian resident and physically reside in one of the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba or Ontario;

2.1.2.      be of the age of majority in their province of residence at the time of entry;

2.1.3.      be a volunteer driver for a Canadian charitable non-profit organization or society registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (each an “Organization”) and provide the Sponsor with the complete name and contact information for the Organization;

2.1.4.      confirm they have a recent criminal records check and a driver’s abstract that shows five years of safe driving;

2.1.5.      use their personal vehicle for driving those who require assistance;

2.1.6.      consent to being profiled on social media with their name, photos and potential video coverage;

2.1.7.      be passionate about volunteering and in approximately 150 words describe why they volunteer (each a “Written Submission”);

2.1.8.      provide an estimate of the mileage accrued as a volunteer driver in the 2018 calendar year;

2.1.9.      provide the length of time they have been a volunteer driver.

2.2.            Employees of the Sponsor and its affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotional agencies or parties engaged in the development, production, and distribution of materials related to the Contest and the household members or immediate family of any of the above, are not eligible to enter the Contest. In these rules “immediate family” means husband, wife, spouse, mother, father, brother, sister, son, and daughter, whether or not they reside in the same household.

2.3.            The Sponsor has the right to require at any time proof of identity and/or eligibility from any individual to allow them to enter the Contest. Failure to provide such proof within a reasonable period of time could result in disqualification as determined by the Sponsor in its sole discretion.

2.4.            All information supplied to the Sponsor for the purpose of this Contest must be truthful, accurate and complete. The Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify any individual should they provide any false, inaccurate or incomplete information.


3.1.            The Contest begins at 12:01 a.m. PST on April 11, 2019 and ends at 11:59 p.m. PST on July 1, 2019 (the “Contest Period”).

3.2.            The Contest is composed of the following stages:

a) Entry Period: begins on April 11, 2019 at 12:01 a.m. PST and ends on May 10, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. PST;

b) Judging Period: begins on May 13, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. PST and ends on May 17, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. PST; and

c) Contact Period: begins on May 21, 2019 at 9 a.m. PST and ends on May 22, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. PST.

d) Profile Period: begins on June 24, 2019 at 12:01 a.m. PST, ends at midnight July 1, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. PST.


 4.1.            NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. To participate in this Contest, an individual must, during the Entry Period, visit info.kaltire.com/Canada-day.com (the “Site”).  An individual must then submit a written submission via email to drivers@kaltire.com (the "Entry”), which must contain all of the information outlined in Section 2 above, along with their contact information, including phone number. An individual does not need to submit their criminal record check or driver’s abstract; however, the Sponsor may contact the Organization with whom the individual volunteers to confirm eligibility. LIMIT ONE ENTRY PER PERSON DURING THE CONTEST PERIOD. BY SUBMITTING AN ENTRY, EACH INDIVIDUAL ENTRANT ACKNOWLEDGES THAT THEIR ENTRY OR PORTIONS THEREOF MAY BE POSTED ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER, OR INSTAGRAM AND/OR SPONSOR’S PROPRIETARY WEBSITE, WHERE IT MAY BE VIEWED, SHARED (BY USERS OF FACEBOOK, TWITTER, AND INSTAGRAM AND VARIOUS OTHER INTERNET BASED SITES) AND COMMENTED ON BY THE SPONSOR AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC.

4.2.            During the Judging Period, the Sponsor will judge all eligible Entries received during the Entry Period based on the following criteria and weighting:

20% Years of volunteer driving service (not necessarily with current Organization). Sponsor may contact Executive Director at Organization(s) to confirm volunteer eligibility and details.
20% Estimate of volunteer mileage accrued in the 2018 year. Sponsor may verify mileage with the head of the individual’s Organization.
60% Written Submission/Entrant’s Story.

and each Entry will be given a score (the “Score”) to be determined by the Sponsor in its sole and absolute discretion. The eight (8) entrants associated with the Entries that receive the eight (8) highest Scores during the Judging Period will be selected as finalists (the “Finalists”). The three (3) Finalists with the three (3) highest Scores will each win one (1) Grand Prize (as defined below) (each, a “Grand Prize Winner”). The remaining five (5) Finalists will each win one (1) Secondary Prize (as defined below) (each, a “Secondary Prize Winner”).

4.3.            Selection of the Finalists by the Judges is final and there shall be no right of appeal.

4.4.            Starting on May 21, 2019, the Sponsor will contact each selected Finalist via phone, Facebook or email. The selected Finalists must reply to any message left by the Sponsor during the Contact Period and provide the Sponsor with a telephone number at which the selected Finalist can be reached during the Contact Period. It is the individual’s responsibility to set their account settings to accept messages from the Sponsor and to check their email or Facebook account for such messages during the Contact Period. An announcement of the Finalists will be published by the Sponsor on June 24, 2019 via social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). The Finalists shall not disclose to anyone that they are a Finalist prior to the Sponsor making its public announcement via social media on June 24, 2019. Finalists who breach disclosure prior to June 24th, will be disqualified.

4.5.            Before being declared a Finalist: The selected Finalist must first correctly answer a time-limited mathematical skill-testing question to be administered by telephone. Selected entrants will be required to sign and return before the end of the Contact Period a declaration of eligibility and a liability/publicity release, which:

a) confirms compliance with the Contest Rules;

b) releases the Sponsor, its affiliated companies and agents, advertising and promotion agencies, the Contest judges and each of their respective officers, directors, agents, representatives, successors and assigns from any liability in connection with the Contest, the entrant’s participation therein and/or the awarding and use or misuse of the prize or any portion thereof; and

c) grants to the Sponsor the right to use the selected entrant’s name, address and likeness in any form of advertising or announcements relating to the Contest without further notice or compensation.

4.6       If a selected Finalist: (i) cannot be contacted within three (3) attempts or before the end of the Contact Period (whichever occurs first); (ii) fails to correctly answer the skill-testing question; or (iii) fails to return the declaration of eligibility and a liability/publicity release within the specified time; or if there is a return of any notification as undeliverable, then he/she will be disqualified and forfeit his/her opportunity to be a Finalist. The Sponsor, at its sole and absolute discretion, may select the eligible entrant associated with the eligible Entry with the next highest Score as a selected Finalist.

4.7       Odds of being selected depend on the number and caliber of eligible Entries received during the Entry Period. Multiple Entries are not permitted and will be discarded. In the event that the Sponsor receives more than one (1) Entry from an individual during the Entry Period, the Sponsor reserves the right to void and delete any Entries from that individual, and that individual may, at the sole discretion of the Sponsor, be disqualified from the Contest.

4.8       By submitting an Entry, individuals agree to be bound by these official Contest Rules, which are subject to change at the Sponsor's sole discretion.


 5.1.            Grand Prizes:

There will be three (3) grand prize packages available to be won (each a “Grand Prize”) consisting of:

one (1) set of tires (maximum value of $1,200.00 CAD), one (1) wheel alignment (valued at $100.00 CAD); oil changes for one (1) year (maximum 4 changes totaling $400.00 CAD in value for the year), two (2) sets of wiper blades (one for summer and one for winter) and brake replacement (to a maximum value of $1,000.00 CAD), together valued at approximately $2,750.00 CAD. In addition to each Grand Prize, the Sponsor will donate $500.00 CAD (the “Donation Component”) to the Finalist’s Organization, which must be a registered Canadian Charity registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as a charity and must have operations in the Finalist’s local area. Any disputes over the eligibility of a charity under this section shall be resolved at the Sponsor's sole discretion, acting reasonably. One (1) Grand Prize will be awarded to each Grand Prize Winner.

5.2.            Secondary Prizes:

There will be five (5) runner-up prize packages available to be won (each a “Secondary Prize”) (each Grand Prize and Secondary Prize may be referred to herein as a “Prize”) consisting of:

one (1) set of tires (maximum value of $1,200.00 CAD) and one (1) wheel alignment (valued at $100.00 CAD), together valued at approximately $1,300.00 CAD. In addition to each Secondary Prize, the Sponsor will donate $500.00 CAD (the “Donation Component”) to the Finalist’s Organization, which must be a registered Canadian Charity registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as a charity and must have operations in the Winner's local area. Any disputes over the eligibility of a charity under this section shall be resolved at the Sponsor's sole discretion, acting reasonably. One (1) Secondary Prize will be awarded to each Secondary Prize Winner.

NOTE: The Sponsor will not mail or ship the Prizes to the Finalists. All Finalists must be willing to travel to the nearest “Kal Tire” location that can provide the items or services contained in the Prize. Any mechanical work as a component of a Prize must be performed at an eligible “Kal Tire” location, as some locations are not able to perform all of the services included in each Prize.

5.3.            A Finalist’s vehicle must be insured and abide by provincial and municipal safety, registration, and transit laws. For the purposes of this Contest, vehicles are defined as either “motor” or “passenger” vehicles as classified by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Please see http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/tx/bsnss/tpcs/slprtnr/bsnssxpnss/mtr/typ-eng.html for more information.

  1. Additional Prize Details

 6.1.            The Prizes must be accepted as awarded and may not be substituted or converted to cash. Each Prize is non-transferable and may only be used for or applied to the Finalist’s personal vehicle. Vehicle registration details may be requested at time of award.

6.2.            Any portion of a Prize not accepted by a Finalist will be forfeited.

6.3.            By accepting the Prize, the Finalist acknowledges that the only warranties applicable to any aspect of the Prize, if any, are the warranties provided by the supplier of the Prize or a portion thereof to the Sponsor that are transferable and/or the manufacturer’s original warranty, if any. The Finalists shall have no recourse against the Sponsor with respect to any warranty of a Prize.

6.4.            Each portion of a Prize, other than the Donation Component, will be awarded in the form of a voucher, which will EXPIRE February 1, 2020.

  1. General conditions

 7.1.            Any attempt to deliberately damage the Sponsor's website or social media profiles, or any related website, or to undermine the legitimate operation of this Contest is a violation of criminal and civil laws. In such cases, the Sponsor reserves the right to seek remedies and damages to the fullest extent permitted by law, including but not limited to, criminal prosecution.

7.2.            Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, the Sponsor shall not be liable for any delays or failures in performance resulting from acts beyond its reasonable control including, without limitation, acts of God, terrorist acts, shortage of supply, breakdowns or malfunctions, interruptions or malfunctions of computer facilities, or loss of data due to power failures or mechanical difficulties with information storage or retrieval systems, labor difficulties, war, or civil unrest.

  1. Indemnification by participant

By participating in the Contest, an individual releases the Sponsor and its directors, officers, employees, parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, suppliers, sponsors and agents, as well as Facebook and its employees, parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, suppliers, sponsors and agents, from any and all liability for any injury, loss or damage of any kind to the individual or to any other person, resulting in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from acceptance, possession, use or misuse of any prize awarded, participation in this Contest, or any breach of these Contest Rules and agrees to fully indemnify the Sponsor and its directors, officers, employees, parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, suppliers, sponsors and agents, and Facebook and its employees, parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, suppliers, sponsors and agents, from any and all claims by third parties relating to the Contest, without limitation.

  1. Conduct

9.1.            By entering this Contest, an individual agrees to be bound by these Contest Rules, which are posted on the Site throughout the Contest Period.

9.2.            The Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual it finds to be:

9.2.1.      violating these rules;

9.2.2.      tampering or attempting to tamper with the operation of the Sponsor's social  media profiles, or any related website;

9.2.3.      acting in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner, or with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any other person.

10.  Limitation of liability

10.1.        The Sponsor assumes no responsibility or liability for any lost, delayed, destroyed or misdirected Entry, communication (whether electronic or otherwise), email, or for any computer, internet, telephone, hardware, software, or technical malfunctions that may occur.

10.2.        The Sponsor is not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information, provided or disseminated by any individual, or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in the Contest or by any technical or human error which may occur in the administration of the Contest.

10.3.        The Sponsor reserves the right to cancel, suspend, or modify the Contest, should a virus, bug, computer problem, unauthorized human intervention, or other cause beyond the Sponsor’s control, corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of the Contest.

  1. Release/privacy/use of participant information

11.1.        By entering the Contest, an individual agrees to:

11.1.1.  the use of his or her personal information by the Sponsor for the purposes of administering the Contest and awarding the Prizes;

11.1.2.  the use by the Sponsor of the personal information provided by the individual. The individual's personal information will not be provided to any third parties by the Sponsor, other than as provided for in these rules. As noted above, use of the Facebook site by an individual will be governed by that individual's agreement with the Facebook terms and conditions of use, and not by the Sponsor.

11.1.3.  All Entries and all photographs, video, or any other material or information provided to the Sponsor by individuals for purposes of the Contest shall become the property of the Sponsor. By entering the Contest, each individual, regardless of whether or not they are selected as a Finalist, grants to the Sponsor, its advertising and promotional agencies, and each of their respective affiliates and subsidiaries, the right to display, disclose, produce, reproduce, publish and/or republish, broadcast, communicate, exhibit, distribute, adapt, alter, use, and/or reuse and otherwise exploit the Entry and any other information and material provided by individual at any time (including, but not limited to, the individual's name, city of residence and province, voice, likeness, photograph, image, or any other aspect of the individual's personality, photographs, images, video, biography, statements, story and endorsements), in whole or in part, individually or in conjunction with other items for advertising and/or publicity purposes, throughout the world, in any and all media, now known or hereafter devised (including, but not limited to, print, video, television, website/internet and broadcast), in perpetuity, and without any obligation, notice, payment or compensation. The individual hereby waives any right to inspect or approve any advertising copy or other material which may be used in conjunction with the Entry and any moral rights the individual may have in or in respect thereof. By accepting a Prize, an individual grants permission to the Sponsor to use his or her name, address(city, province), photograph, likeness, voice, image, and prize information for promotional purposes and on the Sponsor's social media channels without further compensation unless prohibited by law.

  1. Intellectual property

 12.1.        All intellectual property and all of the promotional materials for the Contest, including but not limited to web pages and source code are owned by the Sponsor and/or its affiliates. All rights are reserved. Copying or unauthorized use of any copyrighted material or trade-mark without the express written consent of its owner is strictly prohibited. The Kal Tire logo is a registered trademark owned by Kal Tire.

  1. Laws

13.1.        These are official rules. This Contest is subject to federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulations. These rules are subject to change without notice in order to comply with any applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws or the policy of any other entity having jurisdiction over the Sponsor.

13.2.        Any dispute regarding these rules shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of British Columbia.

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