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Top Down Approach

Top Down Approach

Why we take a ‘top down, bottom up’ approach to workplace safety


At Kal Tire, we want our team members to be committed to making health and safety a top priority.

I feel personally responsible to the families of our team members. They look to the leadership of our company to make sure their family member returns home safely each night. We’ve always believed safety comes before all other responsibilities in running a business. That’s why we take a ‘top-down, bottom-up’ approach to workplace safety. Safety starts at the top, with managers leading the way to prevent injuries and work-related illnesses. For team members, safety training starts on day one, and it never stops.

How can we get more than 5,000 team members to do the right thing all day, every day? A big part of it is attitude. The rest is habit. We want team members to make safe choices—from using hearing protection to properly restraining a tire while airing up—all by habit.

That’s why Kal Tire has introduced Journey to Zero, because we will forever strive, day in and day out, for zero incidents. Journey to Zero is our belief and commitment to one another, and we’re all dedicated to getting there.

I’m proud of what we’re doing to protect our thousands of team members. By creating a culture of safety, we can deliver on our promise to get team members home safely each day.

             — Robert Foord, President, Kal Tire

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