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Fleet Service


Keep your vehicles performing with ease

At Kal Tire, we know for your business, keeping vehicles moving for you matters. That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to get your vehicles seen by the best-suited facility and have our fleet experts get you quickly and safely on your way.

Maintenance & inspection made simple at any Kal Tire

Regular inspections are key to maintaining uptime and getting the most out of your tires.

Visit any one of our 250 Kal Tire locations for vehicle maintenance service on tires, oil, lube, filters, brakes, steering and suspension. Our fleet service network serves you better with:
•   Scheduled service at any Kal Tire location
•   Fleet customer discounts
•   Consistent pricing across all Kal Tire stores

Schedule seasonal service for any of your passenger or light truck vehicles. Book online or call the store closest to you.

Specialized centres for corporate fleets

When managing a fleet of vehicles, in-and-out service is important so that you can get your vehicles back to work as quickly as possible. That’s why we also offer dedicated light fleet centres that cater entirely to corporate fleets in order to provide the fastest, most efficient service possible.

In addition to the tire-related services at all Kal Tire locations, these dedicated fleet centres offer additional services for a complete, one-stop-shop experience:
•   Electrical diagnosis and repair
•   Driveline diagnosis and repair
•   Cooling systems
•   Exhaust systems
•   Fuel systems
•   Alternators
•   Geotab
•   CVIP / OPI / Safety inspections

Visit a dedicated fleet centre in one of the following urban centres:
•   Coquitlam, BC
•   Edmonton, AB
•   Winnipeg, MB
•   London, ON
•   Etobicoke, ON

Contact your Kal Tire sales representative to schedule service.

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