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Kings of the Road: Cragar Wheels in Show ‘n’ Shine Season

For many, summer means trips to the beach, the cabin or the campground. For others, it means hitting the show ‘n’ shine circuit, where hot rod owners and enthusiasts gather to show off the muscle they’ve put into building and/or preserving the kings of the road. Here is a sampling of this summer’s instagram photos featuring vintage-looking rims by our favourite—Cragar Wheels.

Into the Blue

Nothing like a new pair of shoes. #61impala #cragarwheels #aintnothinbutagthang #missingyoudad

A photo posted by Jeff Loaisiga (@clobberintime) on

We like how @clobberintime decked out this stunning 1961 Chevrolet Impala with a set of Original Cragar S/S Composite wheels. It just doesn’t get any more classic. Love how the blue at the centre of the rim compliments that baby blue finish!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the coolest rims of all?

Those who own muscle cars or religiously attend show n’ shines spend a good deal of time inspecting the dozens of intricacies in car building that, together, make the car, and comparing kings of the road. For many, though, it’s the rims that make the car.

When you’re trying to capture the look of the time like this beautiful 1974 golden Plymouth Duster, it’s easy to see why classic Cragars do the job. How cool is the contrast between the gold finish and the steel rims? Can you say bling???

Grease lightning: Cragar wheels + whitewalls

In instagram speak, this Lincoln #hotrod attracts a number of superlatives that begin with #amazing and #awesome. And we can see why.

Car show-goers never fail to be impressed by the gorgeous combination of new whitewalls and Cragar rims (never mind an impeccably cool paint job!). Nice one.

The Red Dragon

#Chevrolet #Elcamino #CragarSS

A photo posted by I’m Old Gregg (@johnny_utah509) on

Have you ever seen an El Camino souped up this? Another shining (excuse the pun) example of Cragar SS Composite Wheels completing the look on an eye-catching hot rod! #Chromenvy

The modern muscle

Just another #Jeep picture 💁

A photo posted by Tori Picard (@_itstjtori_) on

No, this Jeep wasn’t in a show ‘n’ shine this summer, but a few decades from now, it certainly could be! Sporting rims from Cragar’s modern muscle series in matte black, this Jeep already has traffic-stopping style.

Are you inspired to deck out your hot rod with eye-catching rims? Check out our post Cragar Wheels Canada Muscle Cars Love Best.

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