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Amazing Service

I just wanted to send an email to whoever needs to be aware of how amazing the service is at the Tofield Kal Tire. I purchased my tires there about a month ago, and had nothing but the best service. They were willing to help me out on the price, time of installation, and work around my busy schedule of shift work. I just finished getting a rock removed from my tire today and again, fast, instant service with such great attitudes and a smile on their face, which goes such a long way in today’s world.

I am absolutely floored by this place of business.  I owe a HUGE thank you to Glen. He has been nothing less than extremely helpful, kind, quick to help. He always had a smile on his face and was very easy to deal with, talk to, give advice, etc. I truly believe he needs to be recognized for his excellence in the work he does! I hope that whoever is in charge of recognizing excellence in the workplace gets this message passed along and recognizes Glen at Tofield Kal Tire for his excellence.

Thank you very much to whoever had a part in creating such a wonderful business to deal with in our little community!

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