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Beyond the Call of Duty: How a Vancouver Kal Tire Team Stopped a Thief

On a spring morning in Vancouver, a customer named Miranda pulled into the Kal Tire store at 1670 Main Street. She’d been to this location before, and had even had the chance to be ‘wowed’ by team members there in the past, but nothing would compare to what our team members did that day after a thief set his eyes on Miranda’s wallet.

It was supposed to be the usual winter tire changeover appointment, something  she’s had done at Kal for years.

“The team there is and has been over the top fantastic every time I have been there,” Miranda says in a recent letter to Kal Tire. “I have mentioned on more than one occasion to more than one person how great your customer service is from start to finish.”

So, Miranda arrived at the Main Street store expecting to leave with a smile.

Shortly after pulling up in her car, she began the process of moving her little ones from the car to the stroller. That’s when someone saw an opportunity.

While Miranda’s head was down, tending to her toddler’s car seat buckles, a thief yanked her wallet out of the stroller. A team member saw it happen and chased after the culprit down Main Street. Another team member phoned police.

Within minutes, officers arrived, Miranda had her wallet back, and all was fine.

“While they normally go beyond the call of duty, they went way over the top this time,” says Miranda. “I truly can’t say thank you enough for getting my wallet back. I want to make sure everyone knows what a great team you have there.”

While we don’t encourage team members to put themselves in potentially  dangerous situations, we are proud of how this team went out of its way to help Miranda. Kal Tire’s culture is steeped in values; each of them is reflected in the Kal Tire Aims. Miranda’s story demonstrates Aim 1:

Our aim is to earn the trust of our customers by providing them with a level of quality and value of both service and products that exceeds their expectations and exceeds that available from the competition.

Without even thinking, team members jumped to help a customer in need and do far more than just change over her winter tires.

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