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How Our Slave Lake Team Members Made Michelle’s Day


I tried to email directly to the VP but was unable to get his specific email. My experiences at Kal Tire have always been great but the store in Slave Lake was awesome!

I pulled up fifteen minutes prior to closing for the day. I was acknowledged and explained how my light went on in my truck and I had noticed a big bolt in the tire, and I was on my way back to Edmonton.

The first contact I had was with a young man helping a lady out with her vehicle in the lot. (I think he was putting air in her tires). He finished with her then explained that he would get the truck up on the hoist after I showed him what I thought was the culprit (darn construction).

Another employee took it from there and asked which tire and I showed him what I thought to be the problem. He said no worries would have me out in twenty minutes or so.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am so close to closing, yet, the staff went out of their way including the young lady in the office area to help me. I watched them serve several customers last minute. Each one was treated with respect and attended too even though it was almost six p.m.

I must say some of the best service I have ever received. As we know so often in a retail type setting we only hear the bad stuff so I wanted to make sure this team was acknowledge for making me feel as I was not a burden and my problem was important to them.

Thanks so much great job! No charge as well which was amazing!!!!

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