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Mike from Sicamous Thanks Kelowna Kal Tire

One of our customers, ‘Mike from Sicamous,’ wrote us recently to tell us about his experience getting his winter tires changed over at a Kal Tire store in Westbank, BC.

It was exactly 7:30 a.m. when Mike’s headlights shone on the glass bays outside the store on Industrial Road. Even at such an early hour, all the team members inside were at the desk, smiling and ready to help, including Keith Harley and Cam Currie. The day before Cam had returned Mike’s call and said if he could drop off his truck first thing and leave it there, it would be ready the following morning.

But it was only two hours later, at 9:30 a.m., that Mike’s phone rang. It was Keith from Kal. His truck was already ready.

Mike was impressed, not just because of the speedy turnaround, but because of the care that had been taken along the way. He wasn’t just having any old tires and wheels changed over, he was having his winter tires mounted on newly powder-coated rims. The winter rims shiny and clean. The new wheels had been balanced and the TPMS reprogrammed.

All of that in less than two hours, when Mike was expecting it to take 24 hours.

And Mike was pleased to see his summer tires nicely bagged as well as the printed quote for additional mechanical work.

Mike regularly travels to Kal Tire stores in the Okanagan, telling friends and acquaintances along the way about his experience before heading back to Sicamous, where he wishes they had a Kal Tire.

Did you get to experience outstanding customer service at Kal Tire during winter rush this year? Tell us about it!


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