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The Andisons, their All-Weather Tires & Their Trip to Alaska

The roads were pooled with water and the rain was coming down so hard that Mr. Andison could barely see the road on the highway as he drove the family van back to Edmonton from Calgary. This was in 2012, and, thankfully, just days before the long-time Kal Tire customer had installed a new set of all-weather tires.

“You want to make sure you have enough tread depth so the grooves can push away water,” one of the Kal Tire technicians had told him. “If your tires are worn and you hit a heavy rainstorm, you could hydroplane.”

Mr. Andison had visited his Edmonton Kal Tire store on 99th street just before a handful of summer road trips to soccer tournaments and all the way to Whitehorse and Alaska. He’d wanted his all-weather tires inspected for wear to make sure they were up for the task.

The team, always helpful and mindful of Mr. Andison’s family’s needs, had recommended a new set of all-weather tires that would help prevent hydroplaning as well as offer strong and reliable grip at any temperature.

Now that he was in this rainstorm with his daughter on the way back from her provincial soccer championships, he was all the more grateful he’d stopped in for some good advice and had invested in a new set of the same tires he’d been enjoying for years.

Nokian all-weather tires have been a good fit for the Andison family. They’ve got four kids and they’re always taking them to school, the rink, the field and to out-of-town tournaments. They’re busy, so it’s nice not to have to worry about the time or expense of seasonal changeovers.

The Andisons even live in Alberta’s snowbelt and the all-weather tires, which bear the severe service mountain snowflake symbol, stand the test of cold temperatures, slush and snow. Because of the wide circumferential and lateral grooves, Nokian all-weather tires can pump out water and help prevent hydroplaning.

It was tough getting through the rainstorm with little vision, but they made it. The Andisons’ tires were put to the test again the next week as they made their way north to the Yukon and Alaska.

At Stony Plain he had the lug nuts retorqued and received the same prompt and courteous service there. All along the way, through Grande Prairie, Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Fort Nelson and all the way up to Whitehorse, the Andisons passed Kal Tire stores. What a relief knowing there was always a Kal Tire nearby. The kids even made a game of seeing who could spot the Kal Tire in the next city first.

Fortunately, the Andisons finished their 5,600-kilometre journey without needing to have their tires or vehicle serviced again, though they did stop in at the Fort St. John location to recommend a windshield repair shop.

Back in Edmonton, two years later, Mr. Andison stopped in again at his 99 Street Edmonton Kal Tire store to ask a question. As always, Brian and Brandon gave the kind of helpful advice Mr. Andison has come to rely on, and he was reminded of wanting to write a letter to Kal Tire about the amazing service he’s received over the years.

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