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True Service in Calgary, Alberta

I would like to share a little story that happened today with one of your employees.

I had just finished picking up coffee and timbits for my next sales call and then started my car to leave. Oh, oh my car turns over but no fire. I look into my purse and no AMA card, I tried to start my Jeep again, no go.

A vehicle had pulled up beside me in the parking lot and the driver heard the failure of my car to start. I hear a knock at my window and here is a young man offering his help, I see his shirt with Kal tire and Ryan on it.

Ryan suggests I need a boost and that there is no charge to spark starter. I tell him I just got back from holidays so the Jeep had been sitting idle for two weeks. Ryan proceeds to push my vehicle to an area to supply me with a boost and suggested that I look at a new battery and cables because of oxidations etc. that he sees.

He suggested I keep my vehicle running to get the battery charged. I asked Ryan where he worked and said I would see him after my sales call. I was back to the Kal tire North Hill Calgary an hour later. I had my battery, cables replaced and a beautiful nail in my tire we found removed. I would like to tell you what a caring employee you have in Ryan.

Ryan saw that a person was in need and offered his help and expertise graciously. I work in customer service and employers need to know when their employee provides that extra effort. Ryan was a good Samaritan and an excellent representative of the company he works for outside the office environment, you should be very proud of him.

I paid my bill with a smile today. Thank you Ryan, for making not a great thing a better experience.

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