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When You Get a Flat Tire at 5 in Regina

As Brian Hajdukiewicz left the restaurant with his wife and approached their car, he happened to notice a shard of metal inside his left rear tire. A screw. He looked at his watch: 5:10 p.m.

In less than an hour, he needed to be on the other side of Regina to meet his real estate agent. From there, Brian and his wife had to head back to Saskatoon, where they lived. They were moving to Regina for work.

The couple couldn’t drive back to Saskatoon with a screw in the tire—not without risking getting a flat tire on the Number 11 late at night in the middle of nowhere. And they had to meet the Realtor at six o’clock. But it was already 5:15 p.m.

How would he get the tire fixed in time, see the house and get them safely back to Saskatoon tonight?

It was 5:30 p.m. when Brian and his wife pulled into the Kal Tire store on University Park Drive.

Everyone was busy helping customers. Brian looked at the store hours sign. Closing time: 6 p.m. He looked at his watch: 5:32 p.m.

A young man in a blue shirt strode toward Brian. ‘Thomas’ said the stitching on his shirt, Thomas Tray. Brian showed him the screw.

Thomas looked up at the bays, all full. “Everyone’s tied up right now, but we’d be happy to have you in first thing in the morning.”

Brian sighed. He explained their situation, about the appointment to see the house and the long, late night drive back to Saskatoon they had to make afterwards.

“We’ll get you in then,” said Thomas.

Within 10 minutes, Brian had registered the car, handed over the keys and watched as Thomas got his car on the hoist.

After Thomas had repaired the tire and brought the car back down, Brian stood and noticed the sweat trickling down Thomas’s forehead.

“We can’t thank you enough,” said Brian. “Really.”

Thomas explained why it was important to have the lug nuts retorqued as soon as they got back to Saskatoon.

It was 5:54 p.m. Brian and his wife were a few minutes late meeting the Realtor, but they made it. They saw the house. They drove all the way back to Saskatoon in the dark endlessness of Prairie highways, smiling. They thanked Thomas Tray.

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