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April 2016

Spring weather means tune up time for your vehicle

Source: Global News

Spring weather might be hard to find in Ontario this year but even though it’s cold outside it’s time to start thinking about giving your car or truck a spring…

Spring Car Maintenance

Source: Global Morning News Toronto

Bill Gardiner offers advice on how to keep your car running like new after winter.

What Does Winter Do To Your Car?


Spring Tune-Up? What’s That? Thirty years ago, the spring-tune up was an annual tradition that involved changing spark plugs, switching to a summer motor oil and greasing ball joints. Today,…

Why You and Your Car Both Need a Spring Tune-Up


On this 10th day of April in Ottawa it is -14C. I am broken but not yet defeated, because the weatherman tells me there are double digit temperatures just around…

Seasonal Vehicle Inspections

Source: Global News - Saskatoon

Kal Tire spokesperson Bill Gardiner on the importance of giving your vehicle a seasonal inspection.

March 2016

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Winter Tires


Nokia, Finland – A friend of mine who has traveled throughout Europe told me that Scandinavian countries have the most Canadian vibe of the bunch. Landscape and climate have a…

The difference between all-weather and all-season tires


The names seem to mean the same thing, but these two types of tires deliver significantly different results – and only one of them is good for year-round use. Lately,…

December 2015

Independent testing proves winter tires are best


It’s Canada and winter will soon be upon us. You’ve got a new car or light truck. When driving at this time of year, expect Mother Nature to display her…

Winter tires tested – conclusively!


For as long as we’ve had cars, we’ve been faced with the daunting task of buying tires. But, in the absence of comparative testing data on a level playing…

November 2015

Team of professional drivers take on tire test


If you were to pick any one person to test tire performance in extreme conditions, you couldn’t do much better than Whistler’s Alan Sidorov. Kind of a cross between a…

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