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February 2015

The Globe and Mail – A rare look at the process of making winter tires

Source: The Globe and Mail in Toronto

The Nokian company invented the winter tire in 1934. Eight decades later, they are still developing the product that put them on the map. Computerized machinery and advanced chemistry help…

The Globe and Mail – Testing Tires in White Hell

Source: The Globe and Mail in Toronto

The Birthplace of Winter Tires To study surfboards, Southern California – that vast golden laboratory of waves, dude culture and artfully contoured fibreglass – is the place. But to learn…

The Globe and Mail – What you Need to Know When Selecting New Tires

Source: The Globe and Mail in Toronto

A visual journey outlining the key differences between different types of tires.

January 2015

TV Star Bill Gardiner Loves All-Weather Tires

Source: Driveway

“Essentially an all-weather tire is a winter tire that can be driven right though the summer months…”…

November 2014

Tire Review: Nokian WR G3 All-weather Tire Year-Long Test

Source: in Toronto

Let’s face it, the whole winter tire thing sucks. They’re a pain to swap, store, and frankly they’re an expense that properly chaps the hindquarters. And although they’re the most…

Toronto Star – All-weather tires now affordable, last longer

Source: Toronto Star in Toronto, ON

As last reported in 2011 (it can sometimes take forever to get up-to-date statistics), about 51 per cent of Canadians put winter tires on their cars. As Quebec makes using…

Auto Tech: All-Weather Tires


Here in Winnipeg, the winter of 2013-2014 was one for the record books. We had both extreme cold and heavy snowfall over the season. In fact, most of Canada experienced…

October 2014

CTV News Toronto – All-Season upgrade: Winter tire you can use all year long

Source: CTV News in Toronto, ON

Instead of switching tires every season, there are winter tires that provide performance for all-seasons. Pat Foran explains.  …

Newstalk 1010 – Winter tire season rolls in

Source: Newstalk 1010 in Toronto, ON

It sure was nice to not have to think about winter driving for a few months. Now as the temperature drops its reached the point when experts say you should…

CTV Edmonton – Do you need winter tires?

Source: CTV Edmonton in Edmonton, AB

It’s hard to think about winter driving with the current weather, but cold temperatures are in the forecast, that might mean winter tires.

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