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May 2014

MSN Autos – Speed rated tires — should you care?

Source: MSN Autos

Kal Tire says Canadians should only use tires with a speed rating the automaker originally specced for the car. Tire speed ratings matter, and not just on the autobahn.  …

CarPages.ca – All-Seasons or All-Weathers?

Source: CarPages.ca

When looking for a new set of tires this spring, consumers who are intent on putting on all-seasons might want to consider the option of installing all-weathers instead.  …

The Globe and Mail – Your tires may not be the right ones for your car

Source: The Globe and Mail in Toronto, ON

If you’ve ever looked at your tires – really looked at them – there’s a slim chance you might have noticed a string of numbers letters and backslashes on the…

April 2014

Autos.ca – Tire Review: Making Sense of Tire Speed Ratings

Source: Autos.ca in Vancouver, BC

April 29, 2014 By Simon Hill; photos by Simon Hill and courtesy Kal Tire Quick, do you know the speed rating of your tires? Unless you’re a bit of a…

Toronto Star – Tire Talk: Higher speed equals better performance

Source: Toronto Star for Wheels.ca in Toronto, ON

Confusing speed ratings relate to overall quality and design of the tire One of the most common questions to our Tire Talk column is, “Why does my car have V-rated…

CFJC Midday – Tire Speed Rating

Source: CFJC Midday in Kamloops, BC

What you need to know when buying an all-season or a summer tire…

The Road Trip – Find Out About Tire Speed Rating

Source: The Road Trip in Winnipeg, MB

Find out about tire speed ratings, and how the right rating could save your life. Michael Clark gets some serious seat time, in the 2015 Subaru WRX and the WRX…

Winnipeg Free Press Autos – Rating the rolling stock

Source: Winnipeg Free Press Autos in Winnipeg, MB

Are your tires up to the challenges brought on by heat and speed? When the invite arrived from Kal Tire to jet off to Toronto and ride shotgun around a…

Global TV Edmonton – Speed rating key when purchasing new set of tires: experts

Source: Global TV in Edmonton, AB

EDMONTON – This is the time of year when many drivers will switch back to their summer tires, or be in the market for new tires. But do you know…

CTV Edmonton – Tips for buying new tires

Source: CTV in Edmonton, AB

New tires are one of those purchases we make grudgingly every three or four years, but there are some things customers should keep in mind.

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