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May 2018

Here’s why you need to check your tire pressure now


Even if you can’t see it, your tires can be low and lead to dangerous handling problems.

Under-inflated tires take the air out of summer road trips


Road trip season is here and drivers giving their car the spring tune-up can’t forget to check the tires. The risks and costs of driving on under-inflated tires can be…

Time to check your tires


Road trip season is upon us and as the weather warms up more people hit the highway for a getaway.

Properly inflated tires can save you money on gas


Looking to save money on gas? Take a look at your tires. If you’re running them at the wrong pressure you could be throwing money away and putting your safety…

Under-inflated tires are dangerous and cost you money


Hopefully, the sheer volume of verbiage we’ve expended over the years has convinced our readers of the important role tires play in ensuring their vehicles perform at their maximum ability.

Winter Tires Summer Tires – it doesn’t matter if you’re not checking this one thing


Emily Vukovic test drives with Kal Tire to see the difference between properly-inflated and under-inflated tires.

Do tire pressures really matter?


As a teenager way back in the Eighties, I was taught a thing or two about car ownership by my step-father. Among them were the standard activities of checking the…

April 2018

The importance of proper tire inflation


Vibhor Sharma from Kal Tire talks about the importance of properly inflated tires…

Calgary crews get started on pothole repairs


The bulk of the snow from the hardest winter that Calgary has seen in recent memory is melting away, but that just means that crews will be switching their focus…

December 2017

Facts & myths about winter tires, keeping our kids safe on the winter roads


Staying safe in the car – obviously a priority, especially when we have children. I won’t even back out of the driveway if the older kids don’t have their seat…

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