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November 2016

Testing Tires in Winter Conditions with Kal Tire


Have you seen the meme that’s going around showing several cars spun out in a ditch off a snowy highway with the caption “annual meeting of the summer tires club”?…

Are Worn Winter Tires Safer Than New All Seasons?


Kal Tire did some testing and discovered that a worn five-star premium tire can outperform a new 3-season tire in certain conditions.

Are your tires right for the road?


A winter tire can make a huge difference to your safety on the road during the cold weather months. In fact, recent testing has shown even a worn out set…

Consumer Matters: Winter tire test


Think brand new all-seasons will work better in the snow than your slightly-worn winter tires? Consumer reporter Anne Drewa puts tires to the test.

What’s stopping you?


They may not be cheap, but they can be life savers – and one tire company wants to make sure the rubber on the road is up to the task.

Tire safety: When should winter tires be replaced?


Already, some major B.C. highways are receiving their first dusting of snow. In B.C., drivers must obey winter tire between October 1st to march 31st.

Worn winter tires: how safe are they?


KAL TIRE HAS THE ANSWERS Are your winter tires a few seasons old? Their level of wear directly affects your safety on the road, as evidenced by the latest tests…

Winter tires trump all-seasons


It seems there remains a few diehards out there clinging to a 40-year-old notion that all-season tires are OK for driving in winter. It’s understandable: old ideas do die hard.

It’s Almost Winter — Is Your Teenage Driver Ready?


How far is five meters? If you have an average stride, take five good steps, that’s a fair estimate. Start from the front bumper of your card, and try it…

Here’s why you need winter tires


Simple tests reveal a startling difference in performance between winters and three-seasons Around this time every year, auto publications such as Driving pull out the reminders that you need winter…

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