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November 2016

Worn winter tires can be safer than new all-seasons!


Winter tires, even when worn, perform better in winter than new all-season tires New winter tires are better than all-season tires in winter conditions; of course you knew that…

Do NOT Tread Lightly: Get Winter Tires and Avoid Being “That Guy”


Skidding out in the snow and ice on a closed course with great winter tires and a professional driver is super fun. What’s not fun? Skidding out on an open…

New information shows how winter tires compare to all-season


By now, most Canadian drivers have been educated to believe that winter tires work better in severe weather. But, as Sean O’Shea reports, new information shows just how long those…

Gear up for winter with the right tires


Pat Foran reports on gearing up for winter with the right tires.

September 2016

Are you prepared for a flat tire?


Your bags are at the door. You’ve mapped your route. The RV is packed. Before you head south for the winter, remember to take care of the tires that are…

July 2016

Road trip disasters


As July comes to a close, and the weather in the Okanagan finally appears to be behaving like summer, road trip season is in full swing. While road trips should be focused…

April 2016

Spring inspections can save money down the road


Have you ever been to a palm reader? What if I told you a decent vehicle technician could do an equivalent of a palm reading on your car, and there’s…

Inspection Season – Spring is the perfect time to have your vehicle checked


Bill Gardiner has seen this before, but even he is astounded. We’re under a Ford Explorer at Kal Tire on St. James Street looking at where the front stabilizer-bar link…

Rites of Spring Maintenance


Drivers old enough to remember using pay phones will recall when springtime meant giving your car a traditional tune-up: replacing the points, condenser, rotor, distributor cap and spark plugs, and…

Helpful tips for your vehicle’s spring tune-up

Source: Global News - Winnipeg

Global’s Mike Koncan spoke with Bill Gardiner from KalTire to discuss why it’s important to get your ehicle ready for spring and summer driving.

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