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Mining Tire Group

August 2013

Oil & Gas Product News – Big tires mean big challenges in oil sands

Source: Oil & Gas Product News

Mining operations, with their range of equipment needs, pose unique challenges for maintenance. Add harsh weather throughout the year and ground conditions that range from frozen ruts to soggy and…

July 2013

Mining Magazine – Enhancing the bottom line

Source: Mining Magazine

Regardless of where a mine is located, nearly every operation requires significant capital expenditure and involves considerable operating costs. When one of the top three expenses of a mine’s operating…

International Mining – Tracking down Kal Tire

Source: International Mining

By 2012, Kal Tire had changed almost beyond recognition from its early days as a local Canadian player in the 1950s and 1960s. That year, the group had sales of…

February 2013

Australian Earthmoving Magazine – Kal Tire Primed for Growth in 2013

Source: Australian Earthmoving Magazine in Australia

Kal Tire Australia, the country’s fastest growing independent full service tyre distributor, has made substantial investments in infrastructure, facilities and leadership personnel going into 2013. This positions the Perth-based company…

September 2012

International Mining – September

Source: Mining Tire Group

Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group wrapped up its successful inaugural exhibition at MINExpo 2012 with the news that Kal Tire (Ghana) was named the Africa Region Supplier of the Year…

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