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November 2020

Kal Tire Ultra Repair slashes mining’s environmental footprint

Source: Australian Mining

Repairing damaged off-the-road tyres from mining vehicles has historically been limited to traditional repair methods with many repairable tyres often discarded to landfill. Kal Tire discusses the steps it is…

Service Oriented. Kal Tire plugs the gaps.

Source: Business Media Mags

Following the onset of COVID-19, more industries than ever before are seeking options to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. SA Mining recently caught up with Kal Tire’s VP for Southern…

September 2020

What You Might Have Seen at MINExpo

Source: E&MJ Engineering and Mining Journal

Kal Tire planned to demonstrate several of its recent initiatives, including its Mexican robot, the Maple program and the advancements it has made to its Tire Operations Management System (TOMS).

Taking mining tyre management to the next level

Source: The Intelligent Miner

I talk to a lot of people in my line of work, as do most journalists. And, although we rarely admit it publicly, we all have favourite experts to interview.

Rolling Records


A tyre management system it developed is helping a tyre management specialist improve its planned maintenance outcomes and reduce mining truck down time.

July 2020

Kal Tire keeps the diversity wheel turning

Source: Australian Mining

The tyre industry has traditionally been male dominated, with female workers most commonly seen in administration roles. Kal Tire is breaking down the barriers and hiring the best workers for…

Underground Tyre Innovation Takes On Extreme Loads

Source: SA Mining Magazine

SA Mining recently caught up with John Martin, vice president, Southern Africa, Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group to chat about developments around its Alpha Mining Systems.

June 2020

How Retread Tyres Offer a Beneficial Alternative to New Earthmover Tyres


Kal Tire UK have more than 40 years’ experience and knowledge of manufacturing retreaded off-the-road (OTR) tyres, and as quarry operators continue to face both cost and environmental pressures –…

April 2020

On Fleet

Source: Global Mining Review

Mark Goode, Kal Tire’s Mining Group Canada provides an insight into the relationship between tyre management and performance. P36-37…

Data and Design Drive OTR Tire Improvments

Source: E&MJ Engineering and Mining Journal

Mines can take advantage of improved tire monitoring and management systems, along with new tire design features, to plan a course for reduced running costs…

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