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January 2018

Kal Tire Breathes New Life Into Scrapped Tires

Source: australianmining.com.au

Page 32 – The Hunter Valley coal mining region in New South Wales hasn’t see a technology that can salvage severely damaged tyres like Kal Tire’s Ultra Repair before. Every…

December 2017

Facts & myths about winter tires, keeping our kids safe on the winter roads

Source: edmontonmama.ca

Staying safe in the car – obviously a priority, especially when we have children. I won’t even back out of the driveway if the older kids don’t have their seat…

Kal Tire: carbon black in the blood

Source: Mining Mirror

Preventative maintenance and a proper tyre management programme increase productivity while at the same time reducing costs and downtime.

November 2017

Time for that annual debate: winter tires or all-seasons?

Source: theglobeandmail.com

This is Canada. We pride ourselves on being able to survive the most miserable winters anywhere. We giggle (to ourselves, politely) at tourists wearing down jackets before the Christmas…

What you should know about winter tires

Source: theglobeandmail.com

According to tests, it’s a cold hard fact that winter tires give better grip than most all-seasons on cold roads. So, putting them on your car should be a simple…

Kal Tire proves itself in Australia

Source: asiaminer.com

Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group has never wavered in its resolve to provide customers around the world with mining tyre services and products that create a competitive advantage for their…

Winter Tires: 8 pro tips before you buy

Source: ama.ab.ca

What happens when you sit down for a talk with a race car driver and a tire guy? You learn a lot about burning rubber AND buying rubber.

Are winter tires worth it? What Alberta drivers need to know

Source: globalnews.ca

Winter weather has arrived in much of Alberta, which means for many drivers it means it’s time to get those winter tires on. In fact, experts say you don’t…

October 2017

Winter Weather Should Mean Winter Tires for your Vehicle

Source: lacombeonline.com

Even though the calendar says Halloween, Mother Nature is making it feel more like Christmas, with our first big blast of snow happening overnight, with no end expected until early…

Kal Tire adds value for Australian miners

Source: .australianmining.com.au

Canadian tyre management company Kal Tire regards Australia as home to some of the world’s most sophisticated mining companies.

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