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April 2015

Autos.ca – Tire Review: Nokian WR G3 All-weather Tire Year-Long Test

Source: Autos.ca

Well, March has ticked over into April and the cold grip of winter has finally softened. But if you live in an area where you’re still seeing snow, you shouldn’t…

Global News – spring car care

Source: Global News in Saskatoon, SK

Our friends from Kal Tire stop by to talk about the wear and tear that happens to our cars over the winter.

March 2015

Safety Drives Kal Tire

Source: Safety Drives Kal Tire in Vernon, BC

You can’t completely eliminate risk on the job site, but Kal Tire is on the road towards that goal. To read this story, please open the attached pdf.      …

Global News – It’s still winter in Regina

Source: Global News in Regina, SK

Most of the month saw lots of sunshine and above seasonal temperatures, but come Tuesday morning Regina residents woke up to a fierce winter blast.

Global News – The damage potholes can cause

Source: Global News in Regina, SK

You’ll want to keep a close eye out for potholes. Kal Tire shows the damage they can do to your vehicle.

CFJC Midday – Potholes

Source: CFJC in Kamloops, BC

Dan Cecchini from Kal Tire Notre Dame in Kamloops talks about the dangers of potholes this spring.

Global News – Slow down to reduce impact from potholes

Source: Global News in Saskatoon, SK

Automotive repair shops are already seeing the results of pothole season in Saskatoon. Here are some tips to avoid a costly repair.

660 News – Is now the time to change winter tires?

Source: 660 News in Calgary, AB

With warm weather, is now the time to change winter tires? With the temperatures in the mid to high teens for at least the next week, many Calgary drivers are wondering…

February 2015

Global News – City crews tackling Edmonton’s ‘year-round’ pothole problem

Source: Global News in Edmonton, AB

Residents of Alberta’s capital city may welcome the warmer winter weather, but they certainly aren’t pleased that potholes are back with a vengeance.

The Globe and Mail – A rare look at the process of making winter tires

Source: The Globe and Mail in Toronto

The Nokian company invented the winter tire in 1934. Eight decades later, they are still developing the product that put them on the map. Computerized machinery and advanced chemistry help…

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