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In The News

October 2013

Victoria News – Kal-Tire collects tires for parks

Source: Victoria News in Victoria, BC

Bryan Post and Jason Partington of Kal-Tire on Millstream Road collect tires to be recycled and used for community projects. Donations go to Tire Stewardship B.C. to be recycled to…

BC Daily Buzz – Premier Christy Clark visits Kal Tire head office

Source: BC Daily Buzz

Premier Christy Clark visits Kal Tire head office…

Global Regina – Tire Pressure

Source: Global Regina in Regina, SK

Geoff Wiebe from Kal Tire joined the Morning News with some tips on how to keep an eye on your car’s tire pressure as the temperature drops.

The Morning Star – Local technology has global reach

Source: The Morning Star in Vernon, BC

Home-grown technology is turning heads in the halls of power in Victoria and mine pits across South America and Africa. Vernon-based Kal Tire unveiled wireless tire pressure monitoring for…

Toronto Star – Tire Monitors don’t just save money, they save lives

Source: Toronto Star in Toronto, ON

A huge wave of awareness is set to crest across Canadian drivers in the next two years as tire-pressure warning lights start flashing on our dashboards. Since 2007, all new…

The Province – Checking tire pressure is the road to safety

Source: The Province in Vancouver, BC

Kal Tire has teamed up with Schrader, the company that invented the tire pressure valve for bicycles in 1844, to warn Canadian motorists to regularly check tire pressure. Kal Tire…

News Local – Snow tires are just down the road

Source: News Local in Lacombe, AB

Winter is fast approaching, and the time has come for vehicle owners to think about changing to snow tires. While snow tires aren’t mandatory in Alberta as they are in…

Calgary Herald – Under pressure: keeping tires inflated

Source: Calgary Herald in Calgary, AB

Tire pressure monitoring systems, or TPMS, are one of the most misunderstood vehicle safety features. The system is designed to ensure a driver is aware when a tire drops at…

September 2013

Breakfast Television – Getting Ready For The Road

Source: Breakfast Television in Vancouver, BC

From tires to engine fluids – we get you road-ready for fall and winter driving conditions and tell you how you can extend the life of your tires and save…

The Central Plains Herald Leader – A dashboard symbol that saves lives

Source: The Central Plains Herald Leader in Portage la Prairie, MB

A tire’s number one enemy isn’t road hazards it’s under inflation. Most drivers know low tire pressure can lead to skidding hydroplaning and blow outs even losing control of a…

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