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What if we could help drivers understand some of the most important and complex parts of their tires and their vehicles in a way that’s engaging and meaningful?

That’s one of the questions that drives a lot of the articles we write here in our Resource Centre, and it’s the question behind Kal Tire Times—the newspaper about driving and tires Canada can’t get enough of (or so we hope).

We also wanted to share and celebrate the way our teams give back to our communities. We wanted to give customers something interesting to read while they wait for their vehicles. And we want future team members to see why this is a pretty great place to work. So, we’re doing a bit of storytelling—Kal Tire style.

In the lounges of Kal Tire stores across Canada, team members are about to set out the second edition of Kal Tire Times. It’s focused on spring—a critical time to ensure our vehicles have safely survived all it endured through winter, and get it ready for the fun ahead in summer.



All-weather tires tick every box

When your winter tires come off this spring, forget 3-season tires and invest in the one true tire good for year-round use: all-weather tires. Find out what makes the all-weathers more reliable whatever the forecast.


What should drivers know about potholes?

Mechanical program manager Sean Thompson and Bill Gardiner, an automotive expert and TV personality, tell us how potholes can unknowingly damage vehicles and pose safety risks.

We also did a survey that highlights what Canadians know—or don’t know—about the impact of pothole vehicle damage on driver safety.


The road trip of all road trips

If you were a professional driver who’d driven in nearly every corner of Canada, what would be your favourite drive? We asked this question of three popular auto journalists, and their responses are impressive. Find out if you’ve travelled them or add them to your bucket list.

TPMS talks

Tire pressure monitoring systems are still an elusive safety device for many Canadian drivers, so we explain how it works in one of our feature articles, and renowned mechanic Bill Gardiner answers a common question about TPMS dashboard lights illuminating.

On The Road

Are your RV tires ready for road trip season?

We’ve got a handy checklist to help you make sure.

True Service Story

When a Princeton customer absolutely couldn’t be without a vehicle for a week, a store manager did something pretty incredible.



Kal In The Community

Our team members take raising funds for a good cause to new heights with the Walk So Kids Can Talk Presented by BMO, and with delivering much-needed supplies to students in South Africa.

Fun Stuff

Like a vehicle-oriented crossword & comic. Turns out humans have been whining about changing tires for a while!

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