Kal Tire offers tips for summer tire changeover

Spring is upon us, and it’s time to change out winter tires for summer tires. To get maximum life out of winter tires, consumers should install a summer product when temperatures remain consistently above seven degrees Celsius. Also, studded winter tires need to be removed by legislated dates in each province.

“It is also better to store your winter tires in a tote or out of direct sunlight in a protected area, leaving them exposed will harden the rubber and age the tire”

Why summer vs. winter?

Winter tires are made of a soft rubber compound designed to maintain a good grip on icy or snowy roads. However, the warmer the surface the quicker the rubber compound will wear. “Winter tires aren’t designed to perform on hot dry roads so you’ll sacrifice handling by leaving them on year round,” says Kal Tire’s director, retail products Carey Hull. “You can get several seasons out of your tires if you’re consistently swapping your winter tires for summer tires as conditions improve and the weather warms.”

Fuel efficiency, attributed to lower rolling resistance, is another good reason to make the switch. Summer tires don’t have as much tread as winter ones, so it takes less energy to move the car forward. Lower rolling resistance improves fuel economy and reduces emissions.

“It is also better to store your winter tires in a tote or out of direct sunlight in a protected area, leaving them exposed will harden the rubber and age the tire”, adds Hull.

What types of tires are for you?

When shopping for a new set of summer tires, consumers should discuss their driving habits with a trained tire technician. A qualified professional will pair the consumer with a tire designed for their driving habits, safety and comfort.

For instance, all-season tires provide a smooth ride, long wear and adequate traction on dry and wet weather conditions. Touring tires feature enhanced performance and are designed for many of today’s late model luxury vehicles. Performance tires look great and have low speed traction for vehicles such as muscle cars, street trucks and vans. High-performance tires have a lower profile, stiff sidewall and wide foot print for improved cornering response, lower rolling resistance and increased tread stability. Ultra high-performance tires are designed for today’s most sophisticated sedans and sport cars. They deliver the ultimate control and response at speed with a smooth quiet ride.

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“Lastly, if you’re committing a few hours to spring changeover it’s also a good time to have your alignment checked,” mentions Hull. “Rough winter roads contribute to alignment issues and can create unstable handling and uneven tread wear reducing the life of a tire.”

About Kal Tire

Kal Tire is Canada’s largest independent tire dealer. Founded in 1953 in Vernon, BC, Kal Tire has grown to include over 240 stores across Canada servicing both retail and commercial customers. Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group is a global leader delivering best-in-class customized solutions, operating on more than 150 mine sites, in 19 countries and on five continents. Kal Tire employs over 5,000 team members world-wide. For more information, visit www.kaltire.com.

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