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Nitto’s Best Off-Road Tires for Dirt & Mud

Let’s face it: Most of us pick-up/light truck drivers looking at all-terrain or mud-terrain tires are after that aggressive appearance as much as we want the performance of the best off-road tires around. Thick, heavy-duty tread blocks just give a truck personality in a way all-season tires just can’t.

And yet good off-road tires can’t be just another pretty face in the parking lot. They need to clear mud, fend off rocks, and have some road manners when we venture out of the woods and back into our family’s cul-de-sac. Meet Nitto’s answer to the demand for an off-road tire that does it all: The Ridge Grappler.

For an off-road tire brand that’s always outdoing the competition, the Ridge Grappler could be the Grappler family’s most prized product—a next generation hybrid mud and all-terrain tire that’s got as much credibility on the street as it does on hills and mud bogs.

What makes the Ridge Grappler one of the best off-road tires for dirt and mud?

It looks good

For many light truck drivers and all-terrain enthusiasts, this is priority number one. After all, you spend a lot of time in your precious ride, much of it on city streets, and you want your truck to ooze style and toughness at every turn.

With thick, zig-zag tread blocks and Nitto’s renowned dual sidewalls, which give you the option to face an even more aggressive design with deep sidewall lugs, these are eye-catching tires sure to impress.

It does the job on both mud and dirt

The Ridge Grappler’s “revolutionary dynamic tread pattern” means you get the best of three worlds: all-terrain, mud and roads.

These are the features that make this feat possible (and awesome):

  • A reinforced foundation to centre tread blocks adds rigidity and reduces flex so your tires can get an edge over whatever comes your way when you venture off-road.
  • Shoulder grooves that alternate sizes and shapes to wick away mud and maintain a contact patch with the ground to keep you moving forward. Lateral ‘z’ grooves give added bite on all kinds all-terrain surfaces.
  • Staggered shoulder lugs and step block edges at the top of centre blocks give you the extra traction you need to compete
  • Stone ejectors at the edge of the tread face protect your new best off-road tires from their worst enemy: rocks and stone drilling.

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It’s quiet (yes, we said quiet and best off-road tires)

Using the advanced technology once harnessed only by sound engineers, Nitto designed the tread blocks of the Ridge Grappler to be various shapes and sizes, and placed in alternating patterns. Instead of trapping air and creating vibrations the way invariable patterns do, this ‘various pitch’ design allows air to escape, and road vibrations and noise to become a distant memory.

Now, after a day of off-roading or a night out, you can practically tip-toe back onto your block without the whole neighbourhood hearing your entrance!

Are you looking to outfit your ride with a set of the best off-road tires for looks and performance on both mud and dirt? Visit our web store or one of our Kal Tire locations near you so we can help you choose the style and size that’s perfect for your ride.