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Our Best Winter, All-weather & All-season Tires of 2015

Our Best All-Season Tires, All-Weather Tires & Winter Tires Of 2015

Kal’s Tire Testing put 19 of our most popular tires to the test in the rugged, natural winter conditions you face every day. So, which tires were the star performers?

Here, we highlight our best all-season tires, all-weather tires and winter tires of 2015:


Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2fig. Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2

To put it simply, the Hakka has always been one of the safest, most comfortable Nokian tires. The beloved Finnish company, renowned for its winter tire testing at White Hell, calls the Hakkapeliitta R2 their “finest winter tire for northern conditions.” (But it’s also darn impressive in dry and wet conditions too.)

The tests it won:

  • Ice braking (out of all 19 tires)
  • Ice cornering (out of all 19 tires)
  • Wet braking (among all the winter tires)
  • Dry cornering (among all the winter tires)
  • Wet cornering (among all the winter tires)
  • Hydroplaning (tied for first among winter tires)

Cool features:

  • Millions of diamond-tough grip particles added to the rubber compound bite into the road for exceptional grip. They also provide superb wear resistance: these eco-friendly little ‘crystals’ rise up as tread wears down.
  • Jagged grip claws at the base between tread blocks and slush claws on the sides of tread blocks.
  • Sipes pump water from the face of the tread and out the sides to maintain contact with the road and resist hydroplaning.



Nokian WRG3fig. Nokian WRG3

It’s been hailed the ‘winter tire you can drive all year.’ The Nokian WRG3 is one of our most popular Nokian tires, particularly in urban centres with light snow such as Vancouver. Designated winter tires still deliver superior performance in mountain passes and on heavy, hard-packed snow, but if you need a true year-round tire for milder winter weather, the WRG3 is definitely one of the best all-weather tires on the market. Now our test results prove why.

 The tests it won:

  • Dry braking (among all 19 tires)
  • Wet and ice braking (in the all-weather tires category)
  • Dry and wet cornering (in the all-weather tires category)
  • Hydroplaning (in the all-weather tires category)

Cool features:

  • A special rubber compound allows the WRG3 to remain soft at temperatures above and below 7 C (the point at which 3-season tires freeze and lose traction) for year-round grip and reliability.
  • An asymmetrical tread design uses larger tread blocks on the outside to create a bigger contact patch for cornering grip and reduce tread squirm for better stability. Larger lateral grooves on the outside pump water out the side of the tire. Smaller inside tread blocks and grooves ensure sensitive handling in warmer conditions.
  • Polished grooves on the tread block whisk away ice and slush to help reduce the risk of hydroplaning and slushplaning, the second most dangerous driving condition.
  • Silent grooves, golf-ball like cavities between tread blocks, guide air to keep the tire cool and reduce wear as well as road noise.
  • Severe service emblem so you know it exceeds standards for use in severe winter conditions.

 Learn more about Nokian all-weather tires in our article and infographic, What’s the difference between winter, all-season, and all-weather tires?

Are you looking for the best all-weather tires or winter tires that will suit your needs and budget this season? Our tire experts help you choose the best tires online or in store to suit the unique conditions you face. Visit your store or talk to Kal via live chat, phone or email.

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