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Pirelli EcoImpact: An Environmentally Friendly Tire

These days, Canadians are always looking for ways to make greener choices. Did you know that the tires you choose to outfit your car with can also affect your greener-living goals? If your commitment to a more sustainable way of life is just as important to you as the safety and performance of your tires, the Pirelli EcoImpact environmentally friendly tires are definitely worth looking into.

The Benefits of Being ‘Green’

Besides being eco-conscious, EcoImpacts have also incorporated safety and performance into their designs. These innovative tires feature tread patterns that are designed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and help lower fuel consumption. They’re also specifically designed to ensure your tires last longer and maintain their performance.

The inspiration behind these environmentally friendly tires is branded directly on their sidewall. These points of pride include:

Energy Efficiency

The Pirelli EcoImpact tires are made of low rolling resistance rubber compounds and a unique internal construction that decreases carbon dioxide emissions and fuel consumption levels so you save money on fuel.


Clean Air

During the manufacturing process, tread compounds are created without the use of high aromatic oils. This limits the petroleum dependency and reduces the dispersion of potentially hazardous substances being leached into the environment during production.


High Mileage 

In an attempt to deliver cost savings to the consumer, EcoImpacts treads are specifically designed for long wear. Aside from extending the life of your tires and saving you money, this feature also reduces the number of tires being made. When fewer tires are made, fewer raw materials, water and energy are consumed. It also lessens the impact on the environment when the tires reach the end of their life.


Low Noise

When driving from Point A to Point B, these tires promise a low level of tire tread-related noise in the cab for an optimal driving experience. This benefit also reduces your contribution to noise pollution when driving around town.


Pirelli’s Green Performance Strategy

In addition to producing safe, top-performing environmentally friendly tires, Pirelli’s commitment to greener practices is evident in their new and innovation production systems. These systems incorporate a variety of sustainable benefits including:

  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Improved focus on quality and safety

By employing greener practices, Pirelli has achieved lower factory water consumption levels, energy use, and emission levels.

Is a set of EcoImpacts right for you and your ride? Get help choosing your best environmentally friendly tires by visiting one of our Kal Tire locations near you.