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All-Weather Tires for Every Vehicle: Which All-Weather Tire is Right for You?

Almost a decade ago, Kal Tire introduced Canada to all-weather tires by rolling out the first Nokian WR, a superior winter tire that doubled as a premium summer tire. This year, we’re proud to offer you a choice of six exclusive all-weather tires so all Canadians can enjoy their year-round safety and convenience. Whatever you drive, whatever your budget, we’ve got an all-weather tire for you.

First, you ask, what are all-weather tires?

All-weather tires are known as the ‘winter tires you can drive all year long.’ For drivers who live in milder climates or in urban centres who would usually run one set of all-season tiresthrough the year, all-weather tires offer the same savings and convenience but with superior safety:

  • Precise braking and grip at temperatures above and below 7 C
  • Slush performance with water evacuation channels that prevent slush-planing
  • Winter tire reliability because they bear the mountain snowflake winter tire symbol

Sound like the kind of tire you want keeping your vehicle on the road this winter? With a range of all-weather tires for you to choose from, find the all-weather tire that suits your vehicle, your budget and your driving habits.

Which is the best all-weather tire for you?

Passenger vehicles and SUV’s for highway and city driving

Value The Nordman WR’s unique directional arrowhead tread pattern expels water, slush and snow from under the tread area for exceptional grip while a sturdy silica compound gives excellent dry handling. Plus you’ll enjoy a tread warranty up to 80,000 km and a low rolling resistance design that saves you fuel.

PremiumThe Nokian WR G3 is the fourth generation in Nokian Tyres’ unique line of ‘All-Weather Plus’ tires and offers the best performance in every season. The shape and siping of the outer shoulder make the tires easy to handle in the most extreme weather conditions, and they’re excellent on dry roads, even at high speeds.

SUV’s and light trucks for city, highway and all-terrain driving

Value – The Multi-Mile Wild Country XTX Sport offers outstanding on and off-road performance at this price point. The siping (slits in the tread) goes deeper than ever to suck in and expel water to help prevent hydroplaning and slush-planing throughout tread life. With more than 50 sizes are available, there’s a pretty good chance we’ll be able to outfit your SUV or light truck with a set of XTX Sports.

Premium – The Nokian Rotiiva Plus has an ultra-stable centre rib to keep the tire tracking straight for excellent steering response and stability. Polished grooves expel water for enhanced wet & slush performance. With a semi-aggressive tread, you’ll enjoy both traction and ride comfort.

Value with mud off-roading capabilities – The Muteki Trail Hog uses a unique, aggressive tread design that combines large, spaced-apart lugs for biting grip and excellent control even in the harshest winter conditions. Irregularly shaped tread blocks break up harmonics for a smooth, quiet ride for on-road driving.

Studdable light truck tires for commercial, recreational or agricultural off-road driving

Premium – The Nitto Exo Grappler AWT has the needs of ranchers, contractors and weekend off-roaders in mind. Chip-resistant rubber compound and stone ejectors prevent stone drilling and sidewall punctures to preserve tread life even in tough terrain. A traction-oriented tread pattern delivers four-wheel, four-season traction.

These four light truck tires were engineered for all-terrain use across Canada, and then, at Kal Tire’s request, manufacturers added all-weather components so you can enjoy them all year long.

Want to learn more about our line-up of 2014 all-weather tires? Check out our infographic, Kal Tire’s Lineup of All-weather Tires. We’ve also got a great infographic that illustrates the difference between winter tires, all-season tires and all-weather tires.

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