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All-weather Tires: One of the Best Winter Tires for City Drivers

When Nokian designed its year-round all-weather tire, it had European drivers in mind. They have mild winters, they don’t have garages, they’re fuel conscious, and they fly on the Autobahn.

Sound familiar? All-weather tires such as the Nokian WR G2 and G3 are gaining traction in North American cities, where urban drivers are discovering they need the safety of a winter tire without the hassle of storing and installing a second set of tires.

In Canada, more and more drivers in cities such as Vancouver and Toronto are turning to all-weather tires because they offer everything an urban driver needs.

Why all-weather tires are a great winter tire for urban drivers


Superior handling for mild winter climates

All-season tires just aren’t good enough in the winter. They don’t have the right rubber compound to stay soft below 7 C or the right tread pattern to grip even wet ice or soft snow. All-weather, tires, however, can do that, and more.

• The rubber compound is designed to stay soft at temperatures above and below 7 C to grip everything from wet roads and snow to slush and bare asphalt.

• An aggressive tread design prevents hydroplaning and helps you stop instantly on wet roads.

• Slush edges and polished grooves push away snow and water for extra grip in slippery conditions. This is important because slush is the second-most dangerous driving condition, and the most common.

• The Nokian WR tires bear the severe service mountain snowflake emblem so you know it’s passed requirements to be considered a true winter tire.

Gentle on your pocketbook and the earth

• Since all-weather tires give excellent year-round stability and handling, you’ll only have to buy one set of tires. Plus you won’t have to worry about the hassle or expense of storing and installing a second set of tires twice a year.

• As a lightly rolling tire (it takes less energy for the tires to roll), you’ll emit less C02 and save on fuel. Plus, Nokian’s all-weather tires are made with tear-resistant, earth-friendly materials such as natural rubber and canola oil.

Recently dubbed a ‘winter tire you can use all year long’ by Consumer Reports and rated #1 in Performance Winter Tires, the Nokian WR all-weather tire is a superior winter tire, summer tire and high performance tire all rolled into one.

What are some of the reasons you switched or you’re considering switching to all-weather tires?

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