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When should I put on my winter tires?

Thanksgiving? November 1? First snowfall? These are common guesses people give when asked when is the best time to have their winter tires installed, but they’re all wrong. The best time to have your winter tires installed has nothing to do with dates or snow. It’s all about the temperature.

The fine engineers in the tire industry have determined that the rubber on all-season tires hardens too much to be effective when the thermometer hits 7 C. And it’s at this temperature that winter tires start doing their best work.

So, you’ll want to have your winter tires installed long before the first snowfall, when the pavement starts to cool down. Putting your winter tires on early is fine as long as the average temperature is around 0 to 7 C and not getting too warm in the day time.

In many Canadian provinces, whether the thermometer begins to dip below zero just after Labour Day, you could be putting on your winter tires by mid-September.

If you wait for the first sign of snowflakes to have your tires changed over, it could be days before you get in and you’ll be compromising your safety in the meantime. Why not play it safe and have them installed not just early, but on time, when the temperature averages 0 to 7 C in your area?

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