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When should I take off my winter tires?

As Canadians we start to get a bit giddy around this time, eh? Spring is upon us…well most of us. We find ourselves trading the heavy winter boots for a spiffy new pair of rubber boots and the parka for a rain slick. If we’re really adventurous, some of us are even trading in our winter tires for summers.

So when should you take your winter tires off?

7 degrees

Winter tires are made of a soft rubber compound designed to remain flexible in the cold. This helps us maintain a good grip on icy or snowy roads.

When the temperatures are above seven degrees Celsius, a snow tire wears faster. To get the most bang for your buck and maximum life from your tires, you should put away the winters when the temperatures remain consistently above seven degrees in your area.

PS – If you have studded winters you’ll need them removed by legislated dates in your area. Check with your local ministry of transport for more information.

The benefits of summer (tires)

Ah, summer. The sun is shining; the roads are dry, and the road trips are on. For optimal handling make the switch to a summer tire, it’s made of a hard rubber compound designed for heat on the roads. There are a few options for your consideration: All-weather, All-Season, Performance, High Performance, Ultra High Performance and Touring. For more detailed information including features and benefits check out Selecting the Right Tire or shop our Spring Savings Event

By the way, if you’re concerned about fuel economy, summer tires are a must. They have a lower rolling resistance than winters, so your vehicle will use less energy to move forward. You’ll save money on fuel consumption and help the environment by reducing your emissions!

We can’t predict the weather in your area, but we’re here to serve you at any of our over 250 locations across Canada when it’s time to make the switch from winters to summers. And as always, if you need help selecting the right tire for your ride check us out online where you can direct chat with a Kal Tire team member.

Happy Spring Canada!

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