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Your Guide to Environmentally Friendly Tires

Safety, price, tread warranty—these are all factors you might consider before buying tires. What about the green factor? More and more drivers are looking for environmentally friendly tires that offer all the safety and performance you need along with a tire that’s gentler to the earth and, with fuel savings, maybe even your bank account.

In the last few years, tire manufacturers have made huge strides towards designing and rolling out eco-friendly tires to meet consumer demand for products that use earth-friendly materials and lead to less emissions.

So, how have they done it? What makes a tire eco-friendly, and which tire brands offer ‘green’ tires?

What makes a tire eco-friendly?

Tread ingredients

The ingredients used in the rubber compound of a ‘green’ tire will contain more natural or recycled products and probably non-aromatic oils as well.

For example, the Bridgestone Ecopia series uses recycled ground rubber in the compound. Yokohama is starting to replace some of their petroleum-based products with orange oil, a renewable resource that doesn’t give off volatile emissions.

Nokian, a leader in producing eco-friendly tires, was the first tire manufacturer to use only purified, low-aromatic oils. To maintain grip, the natural rubber compound in Nokian tires contains canola oil. Nokian tires stamped with a birch leaf tell you they’re completely non-toxic.

Rolling resistance

Eco-friendly tires tend to offer savings at the till as well as at the pump because they’re designed to reduce rolling resistance. That means it takes less energy (and fuel) to keep the tires rolling on the road. Less fuel consumption means savings for you and fewer carbon dioxide emissions for the air.

Life cycle

When tires last longer, less oil and energy is needed to produce replacement tires and recycle old tires. Many environmentally friendly tires boast extended tread wear so you can keep your tires rolling longer.

Manufacturing and shipping

Several tire manufacturers are making big advancements in the way their tires are made to reduce energy. Pirelli, for example, invests in green technology by using more energy efficient production machines.

Tires are also designed to be lighter, conserving resources as they make their way from a production plan to a Kal Tire service centre near you.

What are some eco-friendly tires?

• Nokian eNTYRE

• Bridgestone Ecopia

• Michelin Energy Saver A/S

• Yokohama Avid Envigor

If you need help finding an eco-tire that’s the right size and tire speed rating for your vehicle, stop in to a Kal Tire location near you for help from the tire experts, or chat with one of our team members online.

Why are you choosing environmentally friendly tires? Or, if you’re already driving a set, what have you noticed about your tread life or fuel savings?

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