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Sumitomo Tires: Performance & High Performance All-season Tires

They’re stylish. They’re engineered to go the distance from spring through fall. And they’ve got a great warranty to back them up. Introducing Sumitomo Tires—new to Kal Tire—and two of their fantastic new performance and high

We’re excited to announce we now carry Sumitomo Tires in Canada! This Japanese tire company is world renowned for making innovative tires of the highest quality.

The five models we’re proud to now offer include:

  • HTR A/S P02 (Performance)
  • HTR Enhance C/X (Performance)
  • HTR Enhance L/X (Performance)
  • HTR ZIII (Performance)
  • Encounter HT (Light truck)

Whether you drive a sports car or you’ve got a family crossover that likes to think it’s a sports car on occasion, Sumitomo gives you the ideal blend of nimble handling and safe, comfortable riding.

Here we feature one of Sumitomo’s performance all-season tires, and one of their high performance all-season tires.



Tire type:

3-season (all-season) performance touring tire for drivers of later model crossovers and SUV’s. That means it’s going to give you good looks as well as good handling from spring to fall—and at an affordable price tag.

Who it’s for:

If you’ve got a sedan or family coupe with a bit of kick, and you want a tire with great comfort and a bit of handling agility, the Enhance C/X is a great fit.

Its best features:

As a 3-season performance tire with upgraded ride quality, the Enhance C/X is a star at delivering a smooth, quiet ride, fending off water and long tread life.

  • Anti-hydroplane design: The Enhance L/X has four grooves that run the circumference of the tire, and long grooves that run laterally. Upon hitting a puddle, for example, the circumferential grooves suck up water and then shoot it out the lateral grooves to maintain a contact patch with the road and avoid hydroplaning.
  • A tread compound created specifically to deliver long wear.
  • A polyester carcass absorbs vibrations and road noise, while tuned sidewall stiffness gives smooth handling.

Its warranty:

Depending on its performance rating (also known as speed rating), you’ll enjoy a treadwear warranty of 80,000-145,000 kilometres, and free defect replacement for the life of the usable tread.




Tire type:

High performance 3-season tires (all-season tires) for sport cars, sedans and crossovers.

Who it’s for:

If you’ve got a performance car, or a crossover with performance tendencies, and you’re after slightly more responsive, high-speed handling as well as the dry and wet road performance of all-seasons, the HTR A/S PO2 won’t disappoint. The abbreviation, by the way, stands for (High Tech Radial, All-Season, Premium 2nd Generation). 

Its best features:

  • Silica tread compound uses these sand-like particles to grip the road.
  • Full-width Jointless Nylon Band (JNB) technology uses spirals of reinforcement around two rigid steel belts to help maintain structural integrity at high speeds.
  • A polyester casing of high tension and high-ply turn-ups—fastened to a bead package—help ensure uniform wheel fit and nimble handling.

Its warranty:

Depending on the speed rating, 72,000-105,000 kilometre treadwear warranty, and free lifetime replacement for workmanship and material defects.

Are you in the market for performance all-season tires? Shop online or talk to one of our expert team members at one of our Kal Tire locations near you. We’ll ensure you’ve got the right tire for your driving style.