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‘Tis the season to be merry, but ‘tis also the season to be safe on the roads. When you’re visiting family and friends over the holidays, the vehicle maintenance experts at Kal Tire have compiled a ‘nice list’ of things to provide a safe, enjoyable ride.

Day 12. Oil and Air Filter

Give your engine an oil and air filter service, and in return, you’ll receive the gift that keeps on giving: kilometre after kilometre of worry-free travel. For added protection, you could even upgrade to synthetic oil.

Day 11. Brake Fluid

The only things that should be soft over the holidays are the marshmallows in your hot chocolate. If your brakes are feeling a bit squishy, it might be a good idea to check your fluid level.

hot-chocolatefig. Soft is good with marshmallows, not brakes.

Day 10. Tire Pressure

Unlike Santa, we don’t have the luxury of flying in a reindeer-powered sleigh. With tires in place of sled runners, checking your inflation levels before setting out on a journey will provide a smooth ride.

Day 9. Winter Emergency Kit

It might not be as exciting as a bag full of presents, but in the event of an accident or breakdown, you’ll thank yourself for having an emergency kit in your vehicle.

2015-12-15 13.41.58fig. Somethings missing from this picture…

Day 8. Winter Wiper Blades

The GPS instructions guiding you to your New Year’s Eve party won’t be of much use if you can’t see the road in front of you. Winter wiper blades will help keep your windshield clear in stormy weather.

Day 7. Winter Tires

 Toboggans are meant to slide; your vehicle’s tires are not. Get the grip you need with all-weather or winter tires.

Fun for the family, not in the car.fig. Fun for the family, but not in the car.

Day 6. Testing Batteries

Between finding that must-have toy for your niece and baking enough shortbread for your horde of holiday guests, you’ve got enough to worry about without wondering whether your car will start. A battery check provides peace of mind.

Day 5. Chains

There’s nothing like a white Christmas. Unless, of course, you have to drive over mountain passes to visit family. If that’s the case, you might want to add a set of chains to your wish list.

Day 4. Winter Alloy Wheels

Everyone likes to get dressed up for the holidays. With winter alloy wheels, your vehicle will look the part too. And unlike steel, they’re light and won’t rust.

Day 3. Re-torque Lug Nuts

If you decide to treat yourself to an early Christmas present (a new set of winter tires), remember to get them re-torqued the next business day or within 50km.

Day 2: Alignments

Is your vehicle’s handling being naughty? Get it back on the nice list with an alignment.

Day 1: Suspension

 Potholes are a lot like fruitcake: nobody wants them, but sometimes you just can’t avoid them. Make sure your vehicle’s suspension is up to the challenge.

crack-pothole-asphalt-315756_1280fig. The beginning of a pothole.

When you need reliable vehicle maintenance you can count on over the holidays, or any time of the year, trust the service experts at Kal. Visit one of our Kal Tire locations near you, or talk to Kal—online or over the phone.