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Trailer Tires 'ST'

Trailer Tires are a free-rolling, heavy-duty constructed tire with a greater load range and tire pressure than the common passenger tire. Trailer Tires are a special service tire used for utility trailers, boats and campers. Trailer Tires are typically stiffer and narrower to help with the demands of the tasks the tire is expected to accomplish, such as sway reduction, towing stability, and a cooler tire, resulting in a longer lifespan. Trailer Tires are not to be used on cars and trucks.

Tire Tips for Trailer and RV Drivers

Removing from Storage

Check your tires, including the spare, at the beginning of the season and before every trip for:

  • Ozone cracking – Occurs on the sidewalls due to sun and weather damage.
  • Unusual wear signs – Look for any unusual cuts or bulges or any signs of puncture.
  • Flat spotting - Occurs from sitting for long periods of time in one spot.
  • Proper inflation - Be sure to use a proper air pressure gauge and don’t just rely on eyeballing your tire. Tires lose air over time and an underinflated trailer tire won’t look underinflated due to its stiff sidewalls.

If you see any of the above issues on any of your tires, be sure to visit a tire expert before heading out on your road trip.

During the Season

Check your tires before and during every trip for the following:

  • Proper inflation - Keep your trailer and RV tires inflated to the recommended PSI. Refer to your placard or your owner’s manual to determine the recommended tire pressure for your tires.  And remember; it is very important to check tire pressure before the vehicle starts operating in order to get an accurate reading.
  • Load – Always ensure you stay within your maximum cargo load capacity for your trailer or RV.
  • Spare Tire - Ensure you have a spare tire and the pressure is checked on that one too.
  • Valve caps – Ensure your valve stems have caps on them in order to keep dust and debris out of your tire.

Storing Trailer Tires

At the end of your season, be sure to follow these easy steps to help ensure your trailer or RV tires are safe and ready to roll next year:

  • Load capacity - Unload supplies so that the tires are supporting the minimum weight.
  • Proper Inflation - Inflate the tires to the recommended PSI.
  • Parking - Use blocks to support the vehicle and remove weight from your tires. If you can, park on wood because cement and concrete absorb moisture from the tires.
  • Location - Store your vehicle in a cool, dry space where the tires won’t be subject to direct sunlight. Covers can be used to protect tires from moisture and the sun’s damaging UV rays.

And remember, trailer tires are designed specifically to handle free towing application, and to reduce the sway which is dangerous at higher speeds. Manufacturers recommend that trailer tires be replaced every three to five years regardless of tread depth or usage. After this length of time, trailer tires are considered past their life expectancy.

At Kal Tire, we stock an extensive selection of trailer tires. Call our webstore to find out more.


Radial Trail HD

Size  Load Range Price
ST175/80R13   C/6P $80.08
ST175/80R13   D/8P $90.13
ST185/80R13   C/6P $83.91
ST185/80R13   D/8P $103.03
ST205/75R14   C/6P $101.09
ST205/75R14    D/8P $113.73
ST215/75R14    C/6P $109.03
ST205/75R15    C/6P $106.88
ST205/75R15    D/8P $112.86
ST225/75R15   C/6P $128.36
ST225/75R15   D/8P $130.45
ST225/75R15   E/10P $142.44
ST235/80R16   E/10P $163.64
ST235/85R16   E/10P $195.91
ST235/85R16   F/12P $200.69


Carlisle’s newest and best performing radial trailer tire.

  • A best-in-class trailer tire, radial construction and variable pitch design promotes tire stability and reduces excessive heat build-up, increasing tire life.
  • Tire profile and tread compound formulation create lower rolling resistance and increased fuel mileage.
  • Equipped with the DuraTrail high strength belt package and HeatShield heat resistant compounding technologies. A proven leader both in field tests and in independent laboratory testing.

At Kal Tire we stock an extensive selection of trailer tires. Call our webstore to find out more.





Size   Load Range Price
ST 175/80R13   C/6P $70.09
ST 205/75R14   C/6P $86.56
ST 215/75R14   C/6P $94.31
ST 205/75R15   D/8P $89.08
ST 225/75R15   E/10P $118.89


Goodride Tires trailer tires

  • Double steel belts for enhanced strengthhelp resist punctures and promote vehicle towing stability.
  • Long life and low rolling resistance compound to offer long original treadwear and to promote fuel economy.
  • Full nylon cap available in all sizes for improved uniformity and durability.





Size  Load Range Price
ST 235/85R16   G/14 $291.38


At Kal Tire we stock an extensive selection of trailer tires. Call our webstore to find out more.