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What your tires can tell you about your driving patterns

We apologize to all the teen drivers out there who would prefer we don’t equip Mom and Dad with any more information about your driving habits. Sorry gang. But tires do tell stories. Sometimes it’s about maintenance issues like alignment or tire pressure. But did you know tire wear is also an indicator of speed, hard cornering and braking?

Aggressive handling

If you’re looking at your tire straight on, you might notice rounding on the shoulders. Pssst…Mom, this might be something you notice about Dad too, TV remotes aren’t exactly known for working the deltoid muscle. Anyway, rounded shoulders are one of the most common forms of wear and could be attributed to mechanical or suspension issues, but can also be a sign of hard cornering. Such aggressive handling may also lead to warping, high and low spots or oblong shaping – an indicator of excessive speed. Also, flat spots on your tires could show up from skidding, heavy braking or hard acceleration. We told you tires tell stories!

Watch out!

Careful of that curb! Scraping or bumping your tires can lead to cracking or bulging. But damage can also be invisible to the eye and internal to the tire. If you’ve had a bad bump or spot noticeable damage, pop by and have our trained Kal Tire technicians check it out.

Follow the rules

Amongst the ruins in your teen’s glove compartment, or inside the driver’s side door, there should be a placard that reads “Tire information”. These manufacturer’s specifications convey tire size, tire pressure and load capacity for optimal performance of the vehicle. With this information in-hand a Kal Tire Sales and Service technician will help you find the right tire for your driving habits.

Alignment and the life of your tires

Like most things in life, regular alignment is important. It will help your tires last longer, which means more bang for your buck on every set you purchase. Non-aligned wheels can cause your vehicle to pull right or left, undermining your control and handling. Pulling to one side, an offset steering wheel and even wear on front tires are all indicators you’re due for an alignment.

The good news

Here’s the good news Mom and Dad. Speeding tickets, bumps and bruises aside regular tire rotations will help you get maximum life out of your tires. Kal Tire’s Customer Care Plan offers free tire rotations every 8000-10000 Kms. Ask for one next time you bring your vehicle in for an oil service or regularly scheduled maintenance.