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Winter Wheels







Alloy Wheels

To keep your car looking great in the winter, take a look at our alloy options.  Compared to steel, they are lighter, stronger, and will not rust. They come in an endless amount of styles and colors with fitments for most vehicles.





Alloy * Starting From
13” N/A
14” $98.99
15” $104.99
16” $116.99
17” $134.99
18” $160.99

**Aluminum wheel used for pricing was the Core Racing Lizea.

**Mounting hardware required for aluminum wheels may increase total price.



  • Aluminum wheels are light. Steel wheels, on the other hand, are heavy. That extra weight can make your vehicle a little less agile and slightly less quick to accelerate.
  • Aluminum wheels are inexpensive. Depending on the brand and its features, custom wheels can cost as little as $90 each.
  • Aluminum wheels won’t rust. Steel wheels, on the other hand, do rust. Aluminum wheels add a clean, polished and customized look to your ride. Plus, you’ll enjoy a two-year finish warranty.
  • A second set of wheels can save you money. The process of removing one set of tires (your 3-season tires) and then mounting and balancing the other tires (your winter tires) is called a seasonal changeover. Each seasonal changeover could cost up to $125, that can add up quickly. But with a second set of wheels you’re just swapping one set of tires and wheels for the other. We call this a seasonal swap, and it costs much less than a seasonal changeover.
  • A second set of wheels is convenient. A seasonal rotation is faster and easier than a changeover. The only way it could get more convenient is if you stored your tires and wheels with Kal’s Tire Lodge.


Steel Wheels

Steel wheels are an economical solution due to mass production and the low cost of steel.  They come in very basic designs and may require plastic hub covers to get the “aluminum wheel” look.  

Unfortunately, they are not made for every vehicle applications.  Steel wheels require little to no maintenance.




Steel * Starting From
13” $70.69
14” $68.98
15” $73.06
16” $70.70
17” $87.22
18” $117.90

*Pricing on steel wheels for some vehicles could be higher based on vehicle fitment, please contact a Kal Tire retail location with your vehicle information to verify.

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