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Why change your oil and air filter?

Imagine you’re in a service bay getting an oil change or having your tires changed over. A few minutes in, a technician hangs a dusty brown air filter outside your window. He asks if you want to change it.

Maybe you think changing the oil filter or the air filter is an ‘up-sell’— a service you don’t really need. Well, oil and air filters are little, and they don’t weigh much, but they both play a big part in keeping your car’s engine running well.

Why you need to replace your air filter

There’s a good chance you’ll know when your air filter needs to be replaced. Old air filters lead to poor fuel economy and performance.

Air filters block dust, dirt and debris from getting near your engine. Particles in the engine’s combustion can scratch away and wear parts like the bearings and cylinders, which affect performance and possibly even the life of your vehicle. Air filters ensure your engine gets the clean oxygen it needs for the combustion process that converts fuel into power.

What you might not know is that it’s okay to have a little dirt on your air filter to help block tiny particles.

How often should you change your air filter? You can use your regular oil changes as a reminder to check the condition of your air filter, but it only needs to be changed when it’s dirty.

Why you need to replace your oil filter

Every time you’re on the road, your engine is busy working to keep your car moving. With so many parts moving together every second, your engine gets hot. Oil keeps the combustion chamber cool, it keeps engine components working smoothly and it keeps carbon and varnishes from building up in your engine. Your engine performs at its best with clean oil.

That’s why oil filters work to sift out particles to keep contaminants out of your oil.  Dirty or clogged oil filters allow contaminants to sail straight to your engine where they can cause damage as well as affect fuel economy. You also risk blocking the flow of oil to your engine, which could result in engine failure.

Protect your engine with a fresh oil filter, replaced every time you change your oil.

At Kal Tire, we perform not an oil change but an oil service. In addition to installing a new oil filter to keep your engine in top shape, we’ll inspect your entire vehicle and perform any manufacturer’s recommended maintenance. Find Kal Tire locations near you to have your tires and your entire vehicle serviced by experts.