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spring tune-ups


Increase the safety, performance and lifespan of your vehicle with a spring tune up.


tires-wheels  TIRES & WHEELS  

In spring, tires should be inspected for tread depth, inflation, cracking, sidewall bruising and unusual wear. Additionally, potholes can damage tires and bend wheels, causing leaks or weakening the tire wall.


“More than 90 per cent of your driving decisions are based on what you see.”

-- Bill Gardiner Canada’s Doctor of Cars

 cabin-filter  CABIN FILTER

Is your cabin filter clean and properly installed? These often overlooked filters improve cabin air quality and your vehicle’s defrosting/cooling systems.

 engine-filter  ENGINE FILTERS

Clean, properly installed engine filters keep winter’s dirt and debris away from your engine.

 battery  BATTERY

Extreme heat can decrease your battery’s life. Check the condition of your battery before those long, hot summer days.


Potholes can cause suspension and alignment problems, which can prematurely wear tires as well as cause vibration and steering issues that can lead to unsafe handling.

 undercarriage  UNDERCARRIAGE

Abrasive winter grime can wear seals and wash away lubrication in your suspension system. This can lead to reduced vehicle handling and safety.

shocks-strutsSHOCKS & STRUTS

Worn shocks can have a dramatic impact on emergency braking distance.

 brake-pads-rotors  BRAKE PADS & ROTORS

Drivers tend to put their brakes to the test over the winter to reduce sliding. Road-salt and de-icing solutions also accelerate wear and tear on brake systems.


The Spring Tune-up - Do vehicles still need them?

Thirty years ago, the spring tune-up was an annual tradition that involved changing spark plugs, switching to a summer motor oil and greasing ball joints....

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Bill Gardiner answers your questions live!

Join 'Canada's Car Doctor', Bill Gardiner on April 14th on Kal Tire's Facebook page Facebook.com/KalTire as he answers your questions on car maintenance this spring.

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Why does your car need spring maintenance?

Canada's winters, regardless of where we live, are hard on vehicles.  It's more important than ever to have your vehicle inspected in spring to ensure the safety, lifespan and performance of your vehicle.

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