Many BC interior stores are being impacted by severe floods and transportation delays.


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June 2015

From Okanagan town, Kal Tire treads across Canada

Source: Vancouver Sun in Vancouver, BC

Family-owned company has 250 stores, hopes to eat into Canadian Tire’s dominant retail market share…

March 2015

Safety Drives Kal Tire

Source: Safety Drives Kal Tire in Vernon, BC

You can’t completely eliminate risk on the job site, but Kal Tire is on the road towards that goal. To read this story, please open the attached pdf.      …

October 2013

BC Daily Buzz – Premier Christy Clark visits Kal Tire head office

Source: BC Daily Buzz

Premier Christy Clark visits Kal Tire head office…

The Morning Star – Local technology has global reach

Source: The Morning Star in Vernon, BC

Home-grown technology is turning heads in the halls of power in Victoria and mine pits across South America and Africa. Vernon-based Kal Tire unveiled wireless tire pressure monitoring for…

June 2013

Kelowna Capital News – Celebrating 60 years in business

Source: Kelowna Capital News in Kelowna, BC

Kal Tire celebrates 60 years in business this year. Founded by Tom Foord and named after Kalamalka Lake, the first Kal Tire store opened June 12, 1953, in Vernon. Sixty…

The Province – All roads lead back to Vernon

Source: The Province in Vancouver, BC

Kal Tire loves the place, that’s why. Kal Tire, which has forged operations in 19 countries, from more than 4,000 metres above sea level in the Chilean Andes down to…

Business in Vancouver – Top 100 private companies in BC in 2012

Source: Business in Vancouver in Vancouver, BC

The top 100 private companies in the province as ranked by revenue in 2012…

Morning Star – Major milestone for Kal Tire

Source: Morning Star in Vernon, BC

A Vernon company is inviting the community to celebrate a milestone achievement. On Saturday, Kal Tire will host 60th anniversary celebrations at the Anderson Way store. “Supporting communities where our…

CBC Radio – From Vernon beginnings, Kal Tire celebrates 60th year

Source: CBC Radio

This is the story of a small town prairie boy named Tom Foord. (Ford) He moved to Vernon from Saskatchewan, started a tire business and never left. Well, the story…

Tire Review – Celebrating its 60th, Kal Tire Continues to Conquer from Vernon

Source: Tire Review

Great empires deserve great capitals. The Brits ruled from London, the Babylonians from Babylon, the Mongols from Karakorum. Kal Tire holds sway over its global domain from Vernon, that vast…

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