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Kal Tire Stores

January 2023

Calgary police, Kal Tire partner to stop catalytic converter thefts

Source: Calgary Herald

Vehicle owners will be able to book appointments at Calgary Kal Tires to have their vehicle identification number imprinted onto their catalytic convertors…

Calgary police launch new strategy amid soaring catalytic converter thefts

Source: CBC

Vehicle owners in Calgary can now have their vehicle identification number (VIN) engraved onto their catalytic converter so that the devices are less likely to be stolen.

November 2022

November is here! 5 things you need to get done right now

Source: TheWeatherNetwork.com

Getting ready for winter is not easy, however there are some key things that need to be done. Here are five you should pay close attention to.

October 2022

Should I retorque my wheels when changing my tires? What those in the industry recommend

Source: ctvnews.ca

It’s a ritual Canadians perform every year as the end of fall approaches. Soon, drivers across the country will pull out their dusty winter tires to throw on their vehicles…

Why the first snowfall of the season can catch drivers by surprise

Source: theweathernetwork.com

The calendar says fall, but that doesn’t stop Mother Nature from sending snow onto the roads across Canada. The first time it occurs in the season can often catch many…

June 2022

Should You Get Your Alignment Checked? Yes, and Here’s Why

Source: AutoTrader

Tire misalignment is surprisingly common, and it can result in premature tire wear, increased fuel consumption, and reduced handling capability. It also tends to come on gradually, so you may…

September 2020

‘Unsafe tires’ are a concern this winter because of COVID: Study

Source: The Weather Network

‘This is the time when safety matters.’ A new survey reveals some Canadians kept winter tires on their vehicle and/or delayed maintenance because of COVID-19 — and some don’t plan…

February 2020

Are All-weather Tires a Good Winter Solution? It Depends

Source: autoTrader.ca

Pardon me while I adjust my soap box a little bit here. [clears throat and steps up] Greetings, fellow Canadians. As we’re all aware, and as has been decreed from…

January 2020

Coming To Grips With Snow Tires For The Winter Driving Season

Source: Wheels.ca

Deciphering tire classifications can be a bit confusing and intimidating to the uninitiated. Depending on where you live, all-season tires really aren’t suitable for use in all four seasons.

What you need to know about winter tires

Source: bc.CTVnews.ca

It hasn’t been easy getting around after the big snowfall overnight. Conditions on the roads made for some longer commutes and some white knuckle driving Monday. If you’ve got winter…

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