Kal Tire takes recycling to their walls, roof and beyond

Recently revealed plans show a Kal Tire store built entirely out of recycled tire rubber, including recreational roof as ‘a hub for the community’

Kal Tire recently revealed plans for a new concept store, scheduled for construction in the coming months on Canada’s West Coast, an area known for its affinity for environmental innovation. The store will use recycled rubber for the building structure, including the exterior walls and roofing.

“We saw community groups using recycled tires for playground floors and barn roofs, so we thought, ‘Why not our stores?’” said Kevin Mccarty, senior specialist Corporate Social Responsibility, Kal Tire.

“We recently unveiled a new program that helps community groups use recycled tires for various public area surfaces, and we thought by using recycled tires to construct our stores, we’d be setting an example to the community groups that we hope to work with.”

This innovative approach to construction will also lead to recreational opportunities: The company plans on opening the roof surface for gymnastics, the walls for rock climbing and a boxing ring is also being considered above the vehicle bays. In the coming months, Kal Tire is also looking at enhancing its store interiors with rubber flooring, rubber desks and light fixtures, and even molded rubber washroom sinks and toilets. In taking this all-in-rubber approach, Kal Tire is demonstrating to customers and the communities they operate in, that recycling tire rubber is both important and useful.

”I really like the concept. It’s going to be a great space for our community to come together and play, and I love that it’s great for the environment too,” said Emily Jean, community neighbour. The rubber might get a bit smelly when the sun comes in the spring and summer months, but overall it’s going to be a real hub for our community.”

Happy April Fool’s Day!

In all seriousness, Kal’s RePlay Fund is a new program offering funding for enhancing community facilities with safe, functional and lasting recycled rubber products. For more information, visit: www.kaltire.com/en/responsibility-replay

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Kal Tire takes tire recycling to their walls roof and beyond


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