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September 2017

Kal Tire Proving Itself in Australia


Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group has never wavered in its resolve to provide customers around the world with mining tyre services and products that create a competitive advantage for their…

August 2017

Tyre supplier to build brand awareness


Canada-headquartered mining tyre supplier and service provider Kal Tire will use the Asia-Pacific’s International MiningExhibition to strengthen Kal Tire brand awareness, says Kal Tire Australia sales and marketing head Jason Zafiriadis.

Kal Tire continues Australian expansion


Almost a year after acquiring one of Australia’s leading mining tyre service firms, Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group will outline at AIMEX 2017 how it continues to expand its reach…

June 2017

How Haul Road Design Affects Mining Tyres


Repairing and replacing haul truck tyres can be among the more significant operational costs in mining, so it’s important that best-practice tyre management principles are followed to maximise not only…

April 2017

Kal Tire attends AIMEX after acquiring leading Australian mining tyre service firm


Nearly a year after acquiring one of Australia’s leading mining tyre service firms, Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group will be showcasing how the company is continuing to expand its…

With pothole season in full swing, make sure to have your car fixed


Potholes have been unusually nasty this winter, and spring won’t help. Has your car suffered any damage as a result? If so, the folks at Kal Tire urge you to…

March 2017

Potholes, the ever present danger in a Canadian Spring Season


Many of my friends and I complain about the potholes here in the Grande Prairie and northern regions of Alberta. We have lots of reason to complain too, potholes here…

Protecting your vehicle from potholes after a snowy winter


Metro Vancouver’s unusually cold and snowy winter has not done any favours to the city’s streets. Throughout the Lower Mainland, the roads are damaged with potholes and cracked pavement, leaving…

How Bad Are Potholes For Your Car?


Mike from TopDaddies meets up with Bill Gardiner at KalTire to find out just how bad potholes can be for cars and vehicle damage warning signs motorists should pay attention…

Potholes, Canadian Winters and Your Car, with Bill Gardiner


The invitation to this press event was slightly disconcerting with its bold subhead asking, “How much damage can potholes really do anyway?” The presentation was by Motoring TV veteran mechanic,…

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